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Jan 21, 2015

Party #1, #2 and #3 !!!

No wonder you haven’t heard from me for a bit.  Yes we have been muy occupado, very busy socializing.  After one, two, three events in a row I laid  low.  Mostly I am spending my time on the phone dealing with family issues and some legal things.  But not to worry, me, my book and […]


Jan 15, 2015

Things are sorting themselves out and more que pasa

Finally spoke to the Mazatlan notario and it looks like we are going to be able to work with him.  Thanks goodness, I just couldn’t see spending that much money to notarize our signatures at the Canadian Consulate. We are in day three of gloomy skies but tomorrow promises to be a great day.  In […]


Jan 14, 2015

Just a little too busy for us right now

I am spending more time on the phone and the computer than I want to but it needs to be done.  We are awaiting some documents that we need to sign and have notarized.  So far I have managed to save us close to $1,500.00 CAD.  Good thing I didn’t take the first suggestion but […]


Jan 12, 2015

Mazatlan was calling our name

Last Friday was a scheduled day in town.  We wanted to get some shrimp.  For some reason we still have not had anyone coming door to door to so we headed into town to buy some.


Jan 11, 2015

How we pass our days

Other than waking up, feeding the girls and walking on the beach in the morning, we have no idea how the day is going to unfold.  Somedays we do have a plan to head into town but not very often.  The day here on the Isla just seems to happen of its own accord.  Someone […]


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