Jan 31, 2015

Photos and tidbits of things on the Isla.

Just a few days ago we had temperatures around 30.6C /87F which is very hot for January.  The past two days we still have temps in the high 20’s plus 84% humidity.  Sure enough yesterday we had cloud cover and I got rained on during my beach walk.  Colin walked first with Carmeh while I stayed with Caeli.  Later I went on my own and managed 2.7 miles which is great for me.  It was a new record for the furthest distance I have ever walked on this beach.  So proud of myself and pain free also.  I also picked up 4 sand dollars.  Never before have I found so many of them as I have this month.  We got some rain overnight and lots of lightening.  I think we will be seeing showers off and on the next few days.  No matter, it is still warm at 72F.

Sunset seems to be a favorite time to put the nets out. This fishing family carried their nets on a small cart pulled by their ATV. Dad is driving with 3 ninos around him while Mom rides in the back.

Seems that Colin's Spanish tutor is learning the guitar so it is no longer clear who is teaching what or to whom.

Remember my kale and swiss chard seedlings, well these are my second set.

This is the first set and I was going to put some on our homemade pizza last night but that never got made due to telephone calls. Maybe tonight. Still haven't started our smoothies this year. We really enjoyed having them everyday last year but our time is different this year.

Do you remember Eric, our Mazatlan RV tech? The fellow in the foreground is his new Mexican helper.

We have Eric doing several things for us and I can only repeat once again what a fantastic RV tech he is. The best part about him is that he actually analysises the problem and figures out a solution.  He has sorted out our dash A/C problem and it seems that we will have A/C when we leave here  😆 He also had figured out that we have a cracked gear on our step assembly and is having a new one machined so we will also be able to use the stairs going North.  Seems we have a problem with our shower that he will fix next time he comes.  Meanwhile thank you to all my readers who have used Eric over the past year, four of you here in Mexico and one in Canada.  He was surprised when you folks kept mentioning that you found him through me.  Eric can be reached at Eric/ rv repair Maz <freemanerik99@gmail.com>.  Best of all his prices are very very reasonable Mexican prices.  For anyone needing auto body work or painting of their RV or  any vehicle he recommends Royer @ 669 197 3920 whose family has owned an auto body shop in Mazatlan for many years.  Eric is very particular at who he uses and this is the only person he would recommend for fiberglass work or RV painting.  Royer will come out to your RV.  Thanks for the info Eric.

Two fisherman putting their net out at sunset two evenings ago.

Another thank you to you my readers for contributing to the baby Romina fund.  I am now up to 6970 pesos.  As I have mentioned before every dollar counts.

Our neighbor put a helmet out for the trash the other day. When we have something 'good' to dispose of we just put it to the side rather than in the barrels. We call it recycling. This fellow got it.

The trash is picked up twice per week and he was so happy to get the helmet. He cried out loud with joy and we saw him wearing it thru the day as we saw him pass by. It is a dirty job and nice for them to score something from time to time.

Do you like avocados?  I knew they were nutricious but had no idea how very good they were for you.  This article claims they are the key to improving cholesterol, heart and brain health.  Certainly worth a quick glance of the write up.  An avocado a day keeps the doctor away  😯  Sure nice that we get them delivered right to our door.

One of our neighbors in Kelowna donated a very nice bike for us to bring down here for a needy person or family.  Unlike last year we had no idea who needed a bike so we went to see Feddy, one of the tienda owners who also looks out for those in need here on the Isla.  After a few weeks he found a young boy who really needed the bike.  However Colin had to sign a paper that would also be be signed by the Commissario (local authority ) that the boy would carry with him.  It basically said that the bike was a gift and that he had not stolen it.  They really take things seriously here on the Isla.

Yesterday one of the RVers took his canoe out on the ocean.

It is a cedar canoe with a sail.

Something just a little different but creative.

Caeli is getting stronger day by day.  She is allowed to walk in our yard but she doesn’t do too much as she prefers to lay on stomach and rest.  Not sure when we are going to get another sunset.  I’ll be sure to keep you posted.


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  1. Always things happening there, and that you do keep yourself busy.

    • contessa says:

      George….I would prefer to not be quite so busy right now but that has to do with my Dad so it is what it is. Anything Isla wise is relaxing.

  2. chris says:

    Hey, that guy with the guitar really knows how to play. Love listening to his music. Cool dude!

  3. Sandy says:

    Love avocado and often have half of one for breakfast eaten right from the skin/shell with a few pecans and a bite or two of cheese – makes a very good breakfast for me. Very good oils in them.

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