Jan 25, 2015

The que pasa in our lives

This is not a normal year for us here in Mexico.  I am not able to do what I want everyday.  Life interferes.  My first priority is to my Dad and what needs to be done for him or researched online and decisions made.  I have to say that the past 2.5 days have been spent at the computer, both yesterday and today with at least 7 hours.  A good part of the time I am talking to Dad, family, medical people and others.  I am fortunate in that Colin is so very understanding and supportive of me and simply continues to study his Spanish or work on his guitar.  No matter that we don’t even start dinner until 8PM.  I knew that this week would be very busy and did not expect this weekend nor next week to be even busier.  There have been a few times when I have been tempted to just get on a plane back to Edmonton to deal with it all but then the thought of the cold weather brings me to my senses.  At least I can still look out the window from time to time and hear the constant pounding of the surf.  I was going to do an update on my Dad but there have been a few twists these past 48 hours so I chose to wait a day or two.  Meanwhile I don’t want you to think that we don’t have any fun.

Last Tuesday was the new moon and we were dealing with extreme tides. Zoomed in from out site towards all the restaurants.

The ocean rose right into the restaurants.

We had no choice but to slosh thru the water heading back home. We try and plan our walks based on the tides but miscalculated this day. The difficult part is sinking into the very wet sand up to your ankles.

Saw this bus parked on the beach outside the Union Bar. Someone told me they had two preteen kids. The words on the side of the bus read "Down To Earth". A few days ago we saw them parked in the Colonia and today we saw them parked over on Goat Island and later today Colin saw them drive down the road behind the RV Park. We couldn't see any solar panels nor did it look like they had a bano on board. None of the windows were covered over.

Later in the afternoon it was a -45m tide and I decided to go for a solo long walk, it was over 2 miles at the least.

I found seven sand dollars on the beach that day but haven't had a chance to take a photo of them. I was fortunate to do a second solo walk two days later but not since. It was a perfect day, blue sky and with the sun on me and was very peaceful.

The next day, last Wednesday, was our big day with the local notary.  The office impressed us, the staff all wore uniforms and I have to say I have never seen such a professional looking notary office in Canada.  They had fountains and live birds and great efficiency.  The best part was that it only cost us 650pesos or $55.00CAD.  Even better was that the Canadian contingency accepted the paperwork.  I would have to say that because of my due diligence we saved close to $1,500.00CAD.

Saw this tuna boat tied up in the harbor on our way over to Mazatlan that morning. Notice the red helicopter on the right sitting up high. Very small landing pad.

The Mexican Navy had this P151 in port. I have never seen anything like this before, no windows, must be made for fighting.

As we got off the panga, many of the pelicans were being fed scraps. Notice the fish skeleton is this ones mouth.

Obviously these must be sweets with so many bees hovering. Would you eat this?

The malecon goes all the way around and this is one the eleven ( I believe ) Monigotes that will be erected along this beautiful malecon. These paper mache sculptures are 20 feet or even higher.

The theme for the 2015 Mazatlan Carnival is Los Suenos de Momo ( The Dreams of Momo ) . Momo or Momus in Greek mythology is the God of poets, writers, madness and the mockery, who was ready to enliven the minds of more than a thousand people gathered to learn and support those aspiring to conquer the crowns of the grandest fiesta. ( Loosely copied from Newsletter/Cultura ). I am not certain but I think this could be Papageno, a character in once of my favorite operettas, "The Magic Flute" by Mozart.

They really are very high, that is me down there and I am 5'4".

Love the steps on this great building on Olas Altas.

This was Thursday night. I missed Friday nights's show which I think was very nice and Saturday was a no show, too many clouds.



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4 Responses to “The que pasa in our lives”

  1. Rae says:

    “Would you eat this?”

    No. I have some minimal standards and insect covered stuff in my limit. I don’t understand why there is no use of cheesecloth or similar inexpensive material to keep the bugs away. I see lovely prunes and other dried fruit near the Mercado that are similarly covered in flies and it makes me sad as I would love to purchase some.

    (You look great in your bathing suit, btw! Very fit and strong!)

  2. Wow, the tide sure got up high that day.

    Love the paper mache figures for the Mazatlan Carnival, they are nice and colourful!c2t2


  3. Wonderful pictures, thanks for sharing.
    Sometimes life does get in the way and we have our hand full here right now. But this too will come to pass.

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