Jan 24, 2015

Baby Romina Update

I have delayed posting as I have been waiting for a possible larger contribution from one source.

The family of baby Romina raised 5000 pesos ( approx $341.00 USD ) at their breakfast fundraiser the end of December.  One of the owners of this RV PArk, Tres Amigos, has promised to help the family pave the way to get the US Visas that they will need as well as provided accommodation for the family when they travel to Guadalajara where this needs to be done.  The cost for the Visa’s is $180.00 USD each and will come from the monies raised.  There are two adults traveling and the baby and possibly an interpreter when they go to the US.  This has yet to be determined.  Through my blog and further solicitation both here on the Isla and in Mazatlan I have raised 6000 pesos ( approx $409.00USD ).  Plus there is a confirmed further donation to help meet the balance required.  That amount  is to be determined once the total costs are known but will not likely cover the total amount outstanding.  It is not too late to contribute towards this cause. Every little bit really will help.

Romina and one of her extended family members.

The next step is for the family ( mother, grandmother and  baby ) to travel to Hermosillo by bus to see the local Shriner appointed doctor who will communicate with the Shriner organization in Los Angeles.  Supposedly they will be getting a date for the surgery sometime within the next few weeks.  They are using the monies that they have raised for the bus fare to and from Hermosillo.  Once they have a date for the surgery they will than travel to Guadalajara by bus to get the required Visa.  It has been determined that with a date in LA they are most certain of getting a Visa for medical reasons.  We were fortunate in that Chris & Juan were here when the family visited me in early January and we were able to get the specifics and have some questions answered.  Apparently there is a social worker in Mazatlan involved with the family who is helping as much as possible.  Chris and Juan asked many questions and found that the family seems to have contacted every source of possible financial aid.

Once Romina grabbed my finger she would not let go. Maybe she knew I was trying to help her. We really did have to pry her hand off my finger.

Right now the family is using the funds that they collected to do all of the above.  I am holding the funds I collected until they are needed to purchase bus tickets to the USA.  We are here until April 1 so there is some time for things to further develop.  I intend to find someone reliable, possibly the RV Park owner, to hold the funds when I leave should that be necessary.

If anyone wishes to contribute please check here on the best way to do so.

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3 Responses to “Baby Romina Update”

  1. Teresa says:

    I hope it all works out! So glad you are helping out Contessa! What a pretty little girl….

  2. Good luck with the fundraiser.

  3. Ken and Margot says:

    Good response from a lot of good hearted people for a worthy cause. Good luck Romina. KenB

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