Jan 21, 2015

Party #1, #2 and #3 !!!

No wonder you haven’t heard from me for a bit.  Yes we have been muy occupado, very busy socializing.  After one, two, three events in a row I laid  low.  Mostly I am spending my time on the phone dealing with family issues and some legal things.  But not to worry, me, my book and glass of vino manage to get together for a few hours each afternoon.

Another lovely happy hour for the park plus a few other invited guests. Always, always too much good food. This hostess really outdid herself.

Nothing to do but dance all the food off. Is is just us that have happy hours that start at 4PM and keep going thru the night? Maybe it's something in the Isla air?

Janet, Ron and Millie made their first ever trip to the Isla the next day. Party #2.

I was supposed to be in the photo but instead was on the phone dealing with a problem with Dad’s van.  Kudo’s to Ron for driving here in their vehicle.  They thought the road in was quite the journey  but later told me the road back wasn’t so bad as they now knew what to expect.  They also mentioned that there was truck after truck bringing in loads gravel for the construction of the new wider road.  So things are happening in that department.  After some chit chat we walked down to El Velero for a nice lunch.  The earlier phone call unsettled me enough that I had not one but two margaritas, my first of 2015. They worked and I relaxed.  Sadly Janet & Ron who are staying at Las Jaibas RV Park in Mazatlan are thinking of  renting a place next year rather then RV down.  Guess we’ll just have to visit in Mazatlan.  Needless to say I simply forgot to take photos at lunch.

Later that evening we were treated to a dinner at the new community centre put on by the colonia community as a thank you to all of us ( winter visitors ) who have helped contribute to a variety of projects to benefit those who live on Isla de la Piedra.

The actual building is the result of donations spearheaded by one particular individual. Most of the RVers came plus a few other folks who live in homes & hotels on the Isla.

One of the things the community centre is used for is English classes. The students all have different levels of understanding which makes it more of a challenge for the volunteer teachers. At the moment there are four computers with the Rosetta Stone English program which the students take turns using.

The sunsets are back.

We’ve had three new RVers in and out over the past week.  One was a Class C with three young people from Argentina.  They had travelled North to the US ( not certain if the y went to Canada ) and now were heading back home to Argentina.  Another delightful couple from Quebec were heading North as was another couple I never got to meet.  I often wonder how these people find the Isla.  They all enjoyed the beach and our sunshine which is back.

Shrimp season is over and the tuna season has begun.  The tuna boats started heading out Saturday morning and that also meant lots of helicopters flying back and forth to the boats.  Always something to amuse us.

Quite the difference between a shrimp boat and the tuna boat on the right.

Taken yesterday. The boat on the left was literally sailing into the sunset.


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  1. Sounds like a busy social life there. Glad you are having fun!


  2. Now thats a lot of partying, glad that you enjoy it.

  3. Ken and Margot says:

    How about a report on the Romina collection?

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