Jan 15, 2015

Things are sorting themselves out and more que pasa

Finally spoke to the Mazatlan notario and it looks like we are going to be able to work with him.  Thanks goodness, I just couldn’t see spending that much money to notarize our signatures at the Canadian Consulate. We are in day three of gloomy skies but tomorrow promises to be a great day.  In fact we may actually have a bit of a sunset later today.

Saw this washed up on the beach the other day. Must have been a big wave.

Does anyone know what type of fish this is?

One of my new hibiscus! The water drops are from my watering. I took the shot anyway as the sun was out for a moment.

Another of my new plants. I really like how this one folds it's petals back, almost like a piece of Japanese origami.

Forgot to include this in yesterday's post. Saw this in town on Sunday, the van runs but is missing a major door.

A young horse being trained to be on the beach with all the noises, dogs and occasional ATV passing by. This one was very frisky.

Finally got around to getting some of my dresses washed...by hand. Most of our things go to the local lavenderia.

Saw this fisherman heading out just at sunset.

With his net in front of him he is sitting on his knees on what I later discovered was a kayak.

Yesterday's cruise ship and he were neck and neck. As you can see, very little color in the sky.

He got a certain distance out where he attached one end of his net to a buoy which I had not previously noticed and started to let his net out parallel to the beach.

I noticed yet another tiny buoy where he tied off the other end of the net.  Then he paddled back to shore in the diminishing light.  He must have got up very early this morning because when I got up at 7AM there was nothing to be seen.  I sure hope he got a good catch of fish.  So nice to have all of this unfolding right in front of us  :mrgreen:


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3 Responses to “Things are sorting themselves out and more que pasa”

  1. Teresa says:

    There’s always something interesting to see at the beach – isn’t there?!

  2. Thats one interesting looking fish. Never know what you will find there on the beach.

  3. Gail Todd says:

    Fish looks like a variety of puffer fish. VERY toxic. Don’t let your dogs eat or even lick them.

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