Jan 11, 2015

How we pass our days

Other than waking up, feeding the girls and walking on the beach in the morning, we have no idea how the day is going to unfold.  Somedays we do have a plan to head into town but not very often.  The day here on the Isla just seems to happen of its own accord.  Someone walks in off the beach and a visit begins.  A friend drops by.  One thing leads to another and suddenly the sun is setting and you wonder where did the day go.  Always, always is it a good day but with never enough hours in it.  Hence the lack of daily posts right now.  I am striving to enjoy each and every minute and not be tied to anything especially the computer.  It is enough that I am on the phone daily with family and my Dad and often emailing or calling the hospital.  The last two days have been spent doing some major legal things for both us and for Dad.  Like I said, the days need to be longer.  I have also been working on the baby Romina situation and will give you an update very soon.  Plus I have been helping try to find some tutors for the local community centre.  There are several folks living here on the Isla, Rvers and others who have been instrumental in setting up an English speaking class that happens 3 evenings per week.  Hopefully once everyone heads North the classes can continue.  This is something thats needs to be worked on now, not mid April.  Things are coming together.  Again, not enough hours in the day.  Maybe it just takes longer to get things done on the Isla because we are all so relaxed.

Now where else can can you buy a large zucchini, six bananas, a cucumber, a carrot, a bolillo ( Mexican bread ), a large bunch of crisp green beans, an onion, an avocado, two very large oranges and three tomatoes for 51 pesos or $3.49 USD/$4.14CAD?


Carmeh comes nose to nose with the largest puffer fish we have ever seen.

Sadly this poor pelican had to endure a death watch by these young vultures. Interesting how an ATV had made a large circle around them all, the circle of life.

There are several groups of musicians that walk up and down the beach playing at various restaurants trying to earn a few pesos. Over the holidays we have a group of 9 young fellows that play very loud banda music. They are alright for a while but day after day gets tiring. Some here have contemplated paying them to move on. A few days ago two guys stopped their car just in front of us and pulled out the cervezas. They were feeling no pain and when the band walked past they stopped them and hired them to play for them exclusively. Yup, right out in front of us, sigh! We couldn't even talk to each other. Those with hearing aids turned them off.

Finally the plant man came. Not my regular guy ( whom we haven't seen for close to three weeks now ) but as this point I needed soil and one replacement plant for a pot so I was very happy to see this fellow.

Sunset December 30th, 2014

Sunset January 9th, 2015. You can see how closer the sun is setting towards EL Faro.

No idea if this fisherman caught any fish. It got too dark to see.

...so ends yet another day. We are all pretty worn out at the end of it.




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5 Responses to “How we pass our days”

  1. Susan says:

    Envy you soooo much!! It is going to warm up here in Edmonton next week so will be a bit better but oh how I miss Mexico. Your pictures always make my day and then I quickly check the travel sites for vacations. Just can’t justify going more than once or twice a year. Can’t leave my mom for more than 2-3 weeks at one time. Have no one else to take care of her. Wish my 88 year old mom would travel with us in the motorhome and then we could go for the whole winter. Keep posting pictures!!! Thanks.

  2. maria says:

    yup, gotta love how the groceries come to your door and are still so cheap. Now if there was just a wine and cracker wagon we’d be set

  3. Rod Williams says:

    I don’t think there’s anywhere you can buy that much produce for so little cost! Sounds like you guys are having a pretty good winter.

  4. Kathy Tycho says:

    Poor you with the bands. We absolutely hate the tuba! We have music playing periodically here and sometimes it’s that deep bass that hurts your heart and sometimes the drums and drunken Karaoke singers. Just horrible. Luckily it’s not every night.

  5. Such is life on the Isla, enjoy it while you can.

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