Jan 01, 2015

So ends 2014!!

December 31st started with our morning beach walk and the hours seemed to fly past.  Always something to see on the beach and there were so many people on the beach today.  The hotels are at 100% capacity plus there were two large cruise ships in port. Of course there are always friends dropping by to chat and a few things to do.  Suddenly it was time to get ready to head into the big city of Mazatlan.  We left here about 7:30PM and never returned till 2015.

First stop was the Sky Bar at the Freeman Hotel. We went right up to the pool area where we could see the lights of the city and hear the many different bands gearing up for midnight. My last margarita for 2014 and my first this winter.

From there the four of us headed up and down a few streets. Saw some interesting things along the way.

Soon we arrived at the Plazuela Machado. This is where the main party was going to be.

Last year Colin and I had reserved a table at Il Mosto and danced the night away to a not so great band.  It has become the norm that the restaurants arrange a set menu and you pay a lot of money to have dinner and pay extra for any drinks.  We still enjoyed last year as we were surrounded by friends.  But Chris and Juan were not sure what they wanted to do so we thought we would just go with the flow.  Sadly due to the amount of tourists in the city there was not a table or even a chair to be had. So we just kept wandering around until we came to Casa Garcia aka El Presidio, likely one of the top two restaurants in the city.  Yes you could order off the menu and no they were full but because of Juan and Chris and that special way they have around them, a table for four miraculously appeared.

It is a lovely restaurant that has grown by leaps and bounds and looked so very festive.

This was turning into an enchanted evening.

We each ordered a different item and they were all superb. Each bite as delicious as the first. The food is served hot and fresh, transported from the kitchen in these special carriers. Despite the hundreds of guests there was no delay in our meal and we were made to feel that we were the most important table in the restaurant.

As that magic hour approached hats and horns were passed out. Note to self...do not ever give Juan a horn to blow, he really really likes to use it!

We knew where we wanted to be at midnight and that was at the Plazuela Machado. So many people and yet we even knew some of them. The band was excellent. Lots of dancing was happening.

Juan greeted 2015 in his own unique style.

Then it was time to really get serious and party.

We had a fabulous time but by the time we were past the first 30 minutes of 2015 we decided to head back to the Isla. Even here they were having major parties.

Home sweet home to savor the peace of 2015 and have a nightcap.  Oh yes, another hot air lantern, a yellow one for obvious reasons ( yellow signifies happiness and friendship ), was sent adrift and then we all drifted off to sleep. There are many traditions involved here in Mexico in order to greet the New Year properly, click here for a fun write up.

Wishing you all my dear friends and readers the very best in 2015.  May all your wishes and dreams be fulfilled.




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  1. Susan says:

    Looks like you had sooo much fun!! Nice to be with special friends. Happy New Year to all of you.

  2. Marcia in PA says:

    Happy New Year to you and your family. It all looks amazing!

  3. Sounds like a funfilled New Years eve with friends.
    Happy New Year.

  4. Lynda says:

    What a great way to kick off the new year, and in such a fun city and beautiful beach location. Wishing you all the best in 2015!

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