Dec 31, 2014

A perfect day, on the next to last day day of the year!

After our morning walk Wednesday morning we were given the ultimate treat.

Juan and Chris made us huevos rancheros and served us at our site. A perfect way to start the day.

It was a very busy day on the beach today. A few of us think it is the busiest we have seen it here over the holidays, well at least in the six years we have been coming here.

We however spent most of the day preparing for yet another very very happy hour.

We had 20 some odd folks over to snack, chat and just have a great time.

Another great end to the day....

...and to the beginning of a fabulous evening!

Not my best photo but no matter...

We had music and lots of singing.

...and more singing!

I have to say that this was one of our best evenings yet.

More music yet, from classical to blues to the Beatles, we did them all.

No party at our place is over until there is some dancing involved.

The best news of the day is that Dad got moved to a private room! Finally. Poor guy, he has really had a rough two weeks.

It is New Year’s Eve evening as I post this and we are just about to head into town.  Wishing you all a wonderful evening and the very best in 2015.

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6 Responses to “A perfect day, on the next to last day day of the year!”

  1. Teresa says:

    Yup – looks like you are having a lot of fun up there Contessa! Happy New Year to you both from the Wood Clan!

  2. bob says:

    Looks like you had a wonderful time. Felt a bit sad for Dad though, even though he has his private room. He looked a bit on the lonely side.
    Happy New Year!

  3. Jean says:

    Happy New Year! Glad you are having fun winter.

  4. Boy, you guys have been party-central this past month! Sure looks like you had a fun night!

  5. Happy New Year!
    Eat, drink and party, enjoy every minute of it!

  6. Connie & Barry in PA says:

    Happy New Year!

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