Dec 30, 2014

Enjoying life on the Isla

We still are doing our daily morning walks. We let Carmeh walk a bit and then we carry her for a bit but she is mostly being carried. She seems to be healing and we want to keep her that way. We never get to see the horses anymore unless we are on the beach. The road beside us remains blocked and I happily have less dust. Hopefully come the New Year we will be able to start doing afternoon walks also.

This horse was quite far behind the rest of the herd and this jogger pulled up beside it. It was funny watching them 'trot' side by side until finally the horse overtook her and ran ahead.

A few days ago Bella and Carl came to visit. They used to RV here and now they rent in Mazatlan. The last year that they were here we were camped beside them and Caeli fell in love with them. That was five years ago and she just squealed when she saw him, she was so happy. She just wanted to be held and hugged. She used to go over and have afternoon naps with them or just sit on Carls knee. Carmeh also remembered them but we would not let her down to the beach nor be picked up because of her back issues.

We went to dinner at El Velero last Saturday, the 27th. Half of the restaurant had been set up to celebrate a quinceanera ( a celebration that happens when a girl turns 15, her coming of age ). It is often celebrated with a huge party. We got to listen to the music. The funny thing is that we had been invited to the party last week and I had totally forgotten so we sort of ended up there anyway. It was meant to be.

This was a smaller celebration.  When we finally got back to the RV after 8PM there was yet another quinceanera going on at the restaurant next door and that was a huge celebration with lots of loud music.  They finally stopped after 3 AM.  Found out that down the beach next to RV2 close to 100 people showed up on the beach, almost like a rave I heard.  They had a generator and a light show and the bass turned full blast which rocked the RV’s.  They partied until 9:00AM 👿   So we got the better deal noise wise.  It doesn’t happen very often and other than the noise going to the early hours it is fun to watch the band, the dancers and see the girls elaborate gowns and the fireworks that are sometimes set off.

Yesterday there was a wedding next door at the same restaurant. They actually got married on the beach. Another party and another band. This one was quiet and we enjoyed the music and had a few dances in our yard. However once it was bedtime the music seemed quite a bit louder. This party was over by 2AM. What can I say, this is Mexico.

While the wedding ceremony was going on we were having an educational meeting at our site. Chris and Juan had brought down a pile of books to help Nancy and Larry with some ideas on teaching English here on the Isla. A community centre has been built in the Colonia and this couple have volunteered to teach one hour, three evenings per week. Right now they have a class of 12 ranging in age from 15 to 55 years of age with many more wanting to take the class. There are even 4 computers that will be available to the students to take home and to continue studying though the Rosetta Stone program. The next challenge is going to be to find someone bilingual who can come in at least one hour per week over the summer when we have all headed home.

After the meeting and sunset the boys and us headed out to dinner. Someone took our photo but he never pushed the button hard enough to make the camera click. Possibly too much tequila!

Back to our place to enjoy the fire, the sounds of the ocean and the music of the wedding.

The wind was very calm so Colin along with Chris set up a hot air balloon lantern for launch. We have had these before but these are 40" high and went much higher and further. This one just hovered for several moments before floating off. We watched it for a very long time.

Then of course if one was so much fun, why not do another? Jurgen from next door came over to see what was going on.

The first one was green and this one was red but the wind had picked up a tad so it took three of them to steady it in preparation for take off.

Well we have 10 more to have fun with.  I picked these up on Amazon for $12.77.  I think I got them two years ago and we forgot about them.  What a great way to end the evening.  Life on the Isla is great.

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7 Responses to “Enjoying life on the Isla”

  1. Sounds like everyone there is enjoying themselves.

  2. Croft says:

    Those all night parties are just ‘great’, aren’t they! There was one on the beach beside us in Veracruz that also went on until morning. It was a medical college reunion and a couple of the doctors came over at noon to apologize.

  3. Teresa says:

    Lots of music here too! We could do without the fireworks because of the dogs though. We turn on our fan to drown out the sound. Amazing how much Mexicans can party! The hot air ballon lanterns look fun – Cassia would love that! Looks like you guys are having a super great time with Chris and Juan! It will be hard for them to leave I’m sure!

  4. It looks like we are enjoying the best of different worlds, tho we are having some rain and cool nights!

  5. Gail Todd says:

    I don’t know how cold the water is there, but at this time a good safe exercise for Carmeh would be swimming. Check with your vet first, and if OK, get her a doggie life jacket and get her in the water where her feet barely touch bottom. I would always avoid stairs with her.

  6. chris says:

    The lanterns are a fantastic idea and the pics you took are very cool! Yep, we don’t seem to ever have any fun!

  7. Kathy Tycho says:

    We have silicone ear plugs that help with the night time partying and barking dogs but absolutely nothing will block out that deep bass. I really think it is bad for your health when it vibrates the rig and makes your heart buzz! Last night we had a large Mexican band out on the street with tubas and horns playing very fast and loud. It always sounds like they are out of tune and in a race to get to the end of the “song? ” At least it didn’t go late. Now tonight will likely be a different story! Amazing how dogs remember people that they really like.

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