Dec 24, 2014

A fun day and yet more friends arrive

Tuesday started with the 7AM arrival of Holland America's Veendam. Colin and I have done our ballroom thing on all of it's dance floors, I just can't remember where we were cruising to but I remember the dancing.

By 10AM we had managed a short beach walk as the tide was rapidly coming in.  Did some shopping at the veggie truck. Introduced Chris and Juan to a bunch of people. Managed a quick tour of the Isla and the Super Deli, the large grocery store on the island with 3 aisles.

Before 11AM we were on a panga crossing the ship channel.

First stop a tour of the fish market on the other side. These dorado were freely swimming mere hours ago. Colin's hand is showing the size of these fish. But fish was not in the menu so off we went.

Next a pulmonia to the mercardo which was very busy with everyone doing their Christmas grocery shopping plus a bunch of tourists from the cruise ship.

Now that is a lot of cheese! I bought some chihuahua, our favorite.

We did a lot of walking, some grocery shipping, I got a sundress and Colin found a cotton shirt he liked.  This was the most crowded I have seen the streets and the mercardo ( other than Carnival at night ) and it was all very festive.  After a fabulous lunch we did a bit more walking and headed back home to the peace and beauty of the Isla where we all just relaxed.

A neighbour stopped this passing group and paid them a few pesos to play them a song. We got to enjoy it also. Thanks Duncan.

I was sitting in the chair on the right writing Christmas cards listening to the sound of the surf when my family decided to join me for some time in the sun, that soon led to a lovely beach walk at low tide.

Remember this guy and his horses. Despite the dust he stirs up as he comes down the road beside us we enjoy the morning arrival and the sunset departure.

While out walking yesterday afternoon we discovered that someone, likely a tractor moved this log into place thus preventing horses, ATV's, tractors and vehicles from going up and down that road. I wonder how long this is going to last. We certainly won't be getting any vehicles stuck like last Sunday.

From the road side there is now a very serious sign. You can see the log in the background. Everyone is wondering who did it?

An early Christmas gift from Mother Nature.

Just before sunset bloggers Ruth & Kevin dropped in. They are dry camping down the road so we had an impromptu happy hour.

We walked down the road ( so nice to be able to do that ) and had a light dinner at Miguels, one of the few places open after 6PM on the Isla.









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  1. contessa says:

    Sorry folks for the glitch re the comments.
    Thanks for the heads up Nancy.

  2. chris says:

    Wow, I missed the cheese truck! Yikes! That’s a lot of cheese. Fun times had by all.

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