Dec 22, 2014

We waited and waited and waited…..

Meanwhile we had a fairly quiet Sunday mostly because we waited and waited and did not get a beach walk as we were still waiting.

The tide has changed and is high at our normal 8:30AM walking time. Colin took this photo from the roof of the RV.

Colin likes peanut butter on his muffin in the morning and this was the end of the peanut butter jar. That is Carmeh in front with the container. Caeli only getting the lid as she was on a restricted diet due to her upset tummy.

Nothing to do this Sunday while waiting but watch the tourists. This blue van got stuck within seconds of driving onto the beach. Clearly he was not supposed to be driving on a beach. The ATV on the left was in the trailer behind the van. In addtition to their shovel they borrowed our shovel and did some digging. What happened next was mind boggling. With everyone pushing after the shoveling the guy gunned it and the people between the trailer and the van got somewhat bumped. The young girl on the right ( you can only see her white shorts just beyond the tall fellow ) got caught in the momentum and not being able to move fast enough was flipped straight up in the air, landing on her back in the trailer. She is very lucky to not have broken anything nor fall under the moving trailer.

The recent hurricanes and tropical storms have shifted our beach. Now folks have to walk out a long ways to get into the ocean.

Meanwhile we continued to wait and wait and wait.  Colin finally drove out to have a look but couldn’t find them.

Oh look!! I actually saw this guy come down the road, do a wheelie on the beach and get stuck on his return up the road. Some very kind RV people came to his aid.

It was yet another great gift from Mother Nature.

Hey that is Rae, she walked down to the beach for the sunset.

So we waited and waited and waited until the sun set and then we gave up.  Oh, forgot to mention that we were waiting for the plant guy.  He promised me last Sunday he would bring my plants on Tuesday and was no show.  So we thought for certain he would be here on his regular day Sunday.  Nada.  So there I was, after spending the entire day waiting, still plantless.  At least it was a relaxing day other than the waiting.  One of us was always outside, just in case  😥







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6 Responses to “We waited and waited and waited…..”

  1. Peter says:

    Pushing a car while it has a trailer attached qualifies you for the Darwin awards!

  2. Rae says:

    I look like I’m photoshopped into that picture! 😀

  3. Relaxing days are good, we have lots of them.

  4. Kathy Tycho says:

    Eric is waiting for the springs that were supposed to be ready last week and then were supposed to be delivered yesterday but weren’t. I waited for the vegetable truck that always comes on Mondays and then didn’t. Even though we understand the culture it still rankles.

  5. Croft says:

    I thought you were waiting for “The Boys” 😉 Rae, are you sure you were actually there? It does look like you were Photoshopped in.

  6. contessa says:

    Really that was Rae….just the camera compensating for the dark fore ground VS the sunset.

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