Dec 21, 2014

No room at the inn ( or RV Park in this case )

Once again many thanks for all of your support and encouragement.  It really truly helps.

Dad for certain has nothing broken.  They did yet another chest x-ray to check his ribs and he is fine.  Just very very sore and bruised.  He was joking with us last night when I called.  I told him he has used up all of his nine lives and he better start being more careful.  He agreed.  Colin called him ‘Crash’ which made him laugh.  He wanted to go for a walk but they could not find a portable oxygen tank so it did not happen which I think is for the best.  Seems like the entire place needs to get  better organized.  I know that they only moved into the new ward Tuesday but certain basic things should be in place.

A photo taken last night by my brother so I could see how Dad looks. Other than the bandaged arm and I'm sure many unseen bruises he is fine. The white and mauve afghan was a gift from Santa. Every patient received one. I always read about people who spend the year knitting for the less fortuante and now Dad is a recepient. Mom used to knit hats and mittens for the homeless who slept out in the cold.

Just another day at the beach. This is a local fellow likely going down the beach to his farm or very possibly just enjoying a nice ride.

Caeli is better as I have had her on rice for 24 hours and that seems to have settled her stomach.  I am beginning to think that various critters are dropping things in our yard and she is eating them.  I found something that looked like a dried prune on the pea gravel and some pieces of tacos.  Perhaps birds or cats are just picking things up from the nearby restaurants and dropping them here.  I can’t watch her 24 hours per day.  Nor can we watch Carmeh 24/7.  We got a lengthy email from our vet telling us to keep her under house arrest as long as we could.  Carmeh is going antsy.  She seems fine and is acting fine and will be on Metacam for another week but we can’t keep her a prisoner, it would upset her too much.  So no walks for a week or so and no jumping up and down but she is allowed to walk inside the RV and in our yard.  Hopefully tomorrow we will take Caeli for a walk and carry Carmeh.  She has no pain and seems totally normal but as the vet says anything could rupture a disc, like a twisting movement or a jump and she would be paralyzed.  We have decided to restrict her as best we can but let her have some movement.  It is a tough call but we would rather see her live out her life free and happy than in a pen.  Carmeh will be 12 in August.  Sadly blog reader and fellow RVer Sandie made a comment on my last post telling me about her fur baby who is now suffering from a severe back issue.  They are not even sure that Scooter will regain use of her back legs.  Sandie, the two times that Carmeh went down, our vet gave her acupuncture and she was up and walking again.  Try and find a vet who will her some special treatments.

Not too many clouds last night.

Still very beautiful though.....Dad told me that the thing he misses the most is seeing my sunsets on the computer. Sadly none of the sibs are equipped to show them to him at the hospital.

I did manage to make us a fabulous dinner. Some soy protein turkey cutlets, fresh steamed green beans and BBQ'd zucchini, our favorite caesar salad and jasmine rice which I chose not have.

We had some late night excitement with two Class C’s pulling in in the dark.  They were somewhat in shock from doing the road in the dark.  Two young couples, one from France and the other a German/?French couple are their way to Costa Rica.  Now that is a journey.  Not sure how long they will be staying….

...but for certain there is no more room at this inn. There is one spot there in the middle and that is reserved for our friends arriving Monday.

I am still working out the best way to get the PayPal donation working for baby Romina, just need a bit more time to get it together.


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4 Responses to “No room at the inn ( or RV Park in this case )”

  1. Janet AShworth says:

    All good news!

  2. Thats good that things are going well all around. Nice to see the park full.

  3. Kathy Tycho says:

    Quality of life for dogs or people as we age is a balancing act. I need medication that may not be the best thing for me if I am to be comfortably mobile as I age and so do dogs. Dogs aren’t much different except they don’t understand why you won’t let them do what they want. I doubt at Carmeh’s age that you can protect her from everything but I would guess the jumping up onto things would cause a problem and not so much the walking. Good luck! We have had some issue’s with PayPal lately with an email (not from Paypal) saying that our account was locked due to unauthorized transactions (not true.) I deleted the email and didn’t follow the link and informed Paypal from our other email account. Be careful!

  4. Sandie says:

    After several weeks of crate rest we are going to try some acupuncture. She isn’t in pain which is wonderful but like you said, any wrong movement could paralyze her. Good luck with your babies.

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