Dec 17, 2014

Tuesday was not a good day at all.

In my book I would have to rate it as a crappy day.  Everything seemed to go sideways or very wrong. First off I need Renee and Greg D to send me an email….seems your Verizon email has changed.  Would love to be in touch with you both.

The best part of the day was our regular great beach walk.   Then the phone calls from Edmonton/Dad started.  Dad has been waiting since September for the transfer down one floor to his new ‘hospital’ room.  The ward he is on has been condemned but the transfer has been delayed for one reason or another.  I was informed in October that he would be having a private room.  I was given the room number and before I left in November I snuck past the construction barrier to check it out.  Good enough I thought.  However yesterday morning he and my sister who was there to help with the move were informed that he had to be in a two person room as someone needed the private room more that he did.  It is much more crowded.  However the staff are considering it to be a private room as the patient who is supposed to be in the next bed is AWOL.  Well that will be until a new patient is found  😥

Looks pretty crowded to me. His bed table needs to be moved so his walker can be brought to him so he can stand and walk to the washroom to the left of the shot or to move back to the bed. Apparently his call bell barely reaches where he is sitting.

Later I got a call from the unit coordinator explaining why he did not have a private room.  Half an hour later I was called by the transition coordinator telling me that Dad was finally on the wait list for a nursing home ( he has been in hospital since August 2nd ).  What this means it that he is now paying $49.50 per day while staying in the hospital until he is transferred and will start paying $ 60.00 per day.  They consider it as if he already has been placed in a nursing home.

Sadly he is on the list for a home as far as way is possible from all of the family.  The reason being that he has a chest tube that needs to be drained and only ONE nursing home in the entire city is able to deal with this.  This tube was designed for people to stay in their own homes and drain the tube themselves  😯  Makes no sense to me.

About five phone calls later I am done with Dad for the day but realize that my plant man never showed up.  Santiago knew I was leaving after 12 noon and I had requested seven special plants plus soil.  I left anyway and it turns out he was a total no show.  Not much I can do but hope that he shows up with my plants on his regular day on Sunday.

Meanwhile we were both off to the great city of Mazatlan.  I to get my hair done and Colin to do some errands including pick up some symphony tickets for us.

Big changes at Tippy Toes with some pretty major renovations. Mani/pedi's on that side of the gate and hair on this side.

I have noticed a lot of extra loose hair each time I combed my hair or washed it. Debbie confirmed the worse.  I have some breakage from my last color in Kelowna but the worst of the worst is that my hair is falling out, directly from the root.  She says that all of the stress I have been under ( Dad, etc ) has likely been the cause.  Wonderful.  Anyway she did the best she could without further damaging my hair.  Good friend that she is, she made sure I had some chilled vino blanco to calm my nerves.

After Colin's errands he turned up for his cut. Gotta love Tippy Toes.

By the way Debbie has recently published her sequel ,Margarita Wednesdays, which follows her bestseller Kabul Beauty School.  A very talented lady indeed.  Plus she already has a book deal for two more novels.

We left the salon and did a few more errands and had a very quick meal at one of our favorite places at the Plazuela Machado, Beach Burger.  I did not have a margarita, still have not had one….just waiting for a while.  White wine will do for now.  Rushed home to the girls.

Some elaborate decorating on Sixto Osuna in Mazatlan.

First time we have left the girls here and they let us know it.  Forgot to mention that  I found a tick in Carmeh’s ear the other day.  So of course she was having a slight reaction, a hot red area and a bit of a blister.  We plan to take them both in on Thursday to the vet for a check.  I have removed many ticks over the years ( even thought they are on meds for ticks ) but this is the first time there has been a reaction.

Caeli just yawned the entire thing off 🙂

We spent the rest of the evening putting up our inside Christmas lights.  Lots of conversation, Christmas music and vino….an okay ending to the day but still not a good day.  Thank goodness there is always a tomorrow.


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6 Responses to “Tuesday was not a good day at all.”

  1. Rae says:

    Sorry to hear about your bad day. 🙁

    I had the same issue with my dad when he was going into palliative care that he had to go where They wanted to send him rather than a place that made sense for the family. Hope you find a satisfactory solution.

    You know the author of Kabul Beauty School?! I really enjoyed that book!

  2. Good luck with your Dad, my is now out of isolation her C-dif has cleared up, now some rehab needs to be put in place.

  3. Carol and Bill says:

    Sorry your day started so bad but glad it seemed to end better. We have to go to pick up my glasses tdoay so maybe we’ll stop at Beach Burger for late lunch or early dinner. Or maybe I’ll talk Bill into El Presido. Strange weather – I like it being cooler

  4. Cheryl says:

    So very sorry that you are still having stresses in your life, and worrying about your father. Try and relax and have a second glass of wine!

  5. Kathy Tycho says:

    Simplify, simplify, simplify. Do the things that are easy and fun and forget the rest. I garden at home but don’t garden here. Maybe a potted plant but that’s all. My Christmas rope lights crapped out….I’ll bring more next year. You are under enough pressure with your Dad, don’t worry about the stuff that doesn’t really matter. Take care of yourself.

  6. Susan says:

    I so agree with Kathy!! Enjoy your time on the Isla. Remember it could be worse, you could be here in Edmonton, like me, LOL We so loved being in Mazatlan Dec. 5-19 and sad to come home. Merry Christmas to all of you.

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