Dec 16, 2014

Getting back into our Isla routine

Yesterday ( Monday ) we finally got to meet Grant who we had not yet met and Janet and their dog Boo on the beach this morning. The dogs got along just as well as the adults did and we had a fun walk quite a ways down there and back again.

Next up was the case of the missing 5 gallon water jug.  When you want water here you just put your empty bottle outside with the 12 pesos on top.  In our case we bring our own 5 gallon jugs ( 2 of them, that way we have water as we dry camp south ) as we are able to use them in our water dispenser and the water guy just tips his jug into ours to refill it.  He them carries the heavy 5 gallon container and places it exactly where we like it on our site.  After our beach walk this morning we went out and saw that our water container was missing and we had a different one sitting outside of our fence.  After a few moments of thought Colin decided to go get our bottle back.  Being as the Isla is not too large he soon tracked down the fellow way back in the colonia.  We got our bottle and the special top back.  It is still a worry as this fellow is not the usual water truck that we have been dealing with here for years and years.  There are a few of them on the Isla but this fellow is blatantly moving in on our usual person’s route.  Something will have to be done  😡

Thankfully the next thing on the agenda was my first 90 minute massage here on the Isla.  It was also my last for this year.  I had a fantastic massage but Maria is off to Canada for three weeks so I have to wait until January 12th for my next session.  I will be counting the days, believe me, she is that good!

Later Bob aka Mr. Fix It dropped by to repair one of the RV mirrors.

Shortly after he left, Ishmael showed up to plant all of my new plants which I did not have. I did have four to get him started plus he re dug all of my soil and added some really good new soil to the mix. I followed behind with fertilizer and water. He also weeded for me.

...and did some pruning. He is worth every peso I pay him.

Rae dropped by for a quick visit.  You can read about her day here.  She tried to help me with my Magic Jack which does not seem to get my phone to ring when a call comes in.  It worked fine in Kelowna with repeated tests.  Neither of us could find anything wrong and had no way to test the system, so another day we will try again.  At least I know if I missed a call plus if I am at the computer the screen will flash asking me to accept the call.

By the time I cleaned up the yard and finished watering it was time for the nightly twilight show.

Almost a repeat of last night.

Let me know when you have had enough and I will stop posting these shots.

You can just make out the end of the color in the sky.

I just thought I would give you a quick peek of our lights. Colin will certainly have some better shots in a week or so.


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14 Responses to “Getting back into our Isla routine”

  1. Jean says:

    Your place looks lovely Contessa, and you are looking very slim and trim

  2. Teresa says:

    12 pesos for water!! Lucky you – here it is 21….. Great lights! Don’t stop with the sunsets!

    • contessa says:

      Teresa, four years ago it was 10 pesos. No complaints from us. 7 years ago in Acapulco it was 20 pesos. Maybe water is more expensive the further south you go.

      Janet….we are trying to. Hope you make it here.

      Rod….thank you.

      George…don’t say that again, the weather went south after your comment 🙂

      Rocmoc, we do actually just call it a site.

      Longdog…gracias….more photos of lights coming soon.

      Dolores…. I know you love the sunset shots.

      Steve….a routine makes for a calm day. It makes everyday so much easier. However here in Mexico there is always an unexpected something to the day.

      Chris….I am working on it all now…just want 2 days to myself to relax.

  3. Janet AShworth says:

    Looks like everything is shipshape!
    Relax, enjoy!

  4. Rod Williams says:

    Don’t ever stop with the sunsets. They’re treat!

  5. Rod Williams says:

    I hate auto correct. They’re great!

  6. Things are getting into a routine for you, enjoy the great weather.

  7. rocmoc says:

    Your site looks great! Keep the pics coming!

    rocmoc n AZ/Mexico

  8. rocmoc says:

    I met Campsite!!!!!!

  9. longdog2 says:

    The photos are great….keep posting them. Love the ones of your palappa and lights.

  10. Dolores tanner says:

    LOVE your lights and NEVER tire of the sunset shots over the ocean!!!!

  11. Steve says:

    Great sunset photos….it’s good to get back to a routine.

  12. chris says:

    Things are really coming together! Can’t wait for happy hour on the beach!

  13. Lynda says:

    Ohhhh….I will never tire of those shots! Nice to hear you are settling in, and getting back to your normal routine, and meeting new friends and pups along the beach. We must stay loyal to our regular suppliers; water, shrimp, fresh veggies!

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