Dec 02, 2014

Yesterday drained the bank account

What a day?  We did what had to be done but it zapped us of our energy.  Awoke  yesterday AM in Vegas ( Monday ) to not too bad temps ( honestly I forgot to write it down and now I have no idea ).  The day started at 6AM.

Because of Carmeh’s eye problem I called and recalled as we were traveling, about 7 vets in the Lake Havasu City area ( LHC ).  Finally after several calls and back & forth we scored an appt. at 3:45 PM in LHC.  This was great as it was the vet we really wanted to see based on a friend’s recommendation.

However before that we had an appointment, actually really, a first come, first serve with Love’s just off of I40 to the turn onto HWY 95 to Lake Havasu City.  This is where we had our front two RV tires changed last spring.  Now it was time to change the back four. Colin had pre called in the tires we would need so that they would be on hand for us this week.  Sadly we had to vacate the RV into an old office.  However it did have electric and so we  brought the computer with us as well as the girls and their beds, toys and water dish.  Caeli was not impressed and kept vocalizing her concerns.  Since I have been away in Edmonton she talks all daylong, it can get on your nerves after a while depending what she is saying.  Yesterday it was a strong vocalization of not wanting to be cooped up in a tiny freezing cold room.  The new tires are of a slightly smaller diameter with a wider width giving us a safer load base.  Think cases of wine  😉

The supposed 90 minute time involved to do the change actually was closer to 3.5 hours plus  🙄  This made us dangerously close to missing the vet appt.

The two guys working on the RV had trouble getting the tires off due to the low wheel well.

Colin is always supervising when something is being done to his RV so when the guys started to put jacks under the body to lift the RV he said no as he did not want to damage the body. Instead he came up with the solution of putting 1 of our jack pads under the front jack and the other 3 under the back jack thus giving the guys the space they needed to get the job done. Then he reversed sides for the other two tires. Good thing he was on the spot.

We did manage to get to the vet in the nick of time,  Fortunately we knew where we were headed and were aware of the parking situation.  Sadly it turns out that Carmeh has an acute eye abrasion.  She was treated immediately plus I was given what she needs to recover over the next 7 days.  We have no idea of how it happened as we have pretty much just been driving south in the RV.  The vet said it could have happened from anything, even a piece of dust.  Sadly she has been pain these past few days but now with eye ointment for corneal repair as well as another antibiotic ointment plus Metacam for pain she will be on the mend.  He says we should see improvement within 3 to 4 days. Between the tires and the vet we saw our balance of funds go way way down.

By then it was time to figure what to do next.  I still had some shopping for Mexico do to in this area so we decided to head to the BLM land just north of LHC, called Craggy Wash.  It was fairly crowded and our usual site midway back had 2 other RVs there but it was getting dark soon so we unhooked and with many back and forth turns in the narrow gulch we were able to turn around so that we could park.  Usually we hook up the car right away but left it for the morning.  The terrain here has changed due to the torrential rains the area has has over the months.  The usually flat area is not so flat and we need to go down a bit of a bump to leave this morning.  We will then re hook.  The days are so much shorter at this time of year with dark encroaching shortly after five PM.

The area is generally overcast with highs of only 70F.  I wore a jacket most of yesterday. Usually we are very hot at this time of year.  That arctic air is slowly making it’s way south.  However we are not complaining with temps of -13C / 8F in Kelowna and -15C / 5F in Edmonton which is a warmup from -37C / -34F form 3 days ago.  Now that was cold and I am so thankful to not have experienced that.

Had a good long chat with my Dad last night and he seems to be slightly improving.  No coughing and able to breathe better.  He even went for two tiny walks yesterday.  His only complaint is that he is cold and the staff are refusing to fill his hot water bottle due to liability issues.  However the family can, but they aren’t there that much so his hands are icy cold which radiates the cold to the rest of his body.  He already wears a sweater with two shawls on top plus two afghans over his knees to try and keep warm.  Not much else I can so from here.

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8 Responses to “Yesterday drained the bank account”

  1. Nice to get those new tire changed and Carmeh looked after now to carry on further south and enjoy some warmer weather.

  2. Croft says:

    Tires are always a major expense in an RV. We had to buy all 6 on the way down but di manage to get them on Oregon where there is no tax. Your shopping continues!

  3. longdog2 says:

    Glad poor little Carmeh is on the mend. My Willie had a bacterial infection in one ear and a yeast infection in the other when I took him in last Friday. He didn’t complain but we noticed because Angus, my son’s American Staffordshire Terrier, kept sniffing one of Willie’s ears and then looking at us when he was here. So he is on antibiotics and ear drops and had the yeast infection ear packed while we were at the vet. Glad you have safe new tires.

  4. susie says:

    Speedy recovery for Carmeh.. Sara isn’t happy about this cold snap in B.C. Fingerless gloves for your dad might help.. Safe travels..

  5. Lynda says:

    Hope that Carmeh is getting better, and that your dad’s improvement continues, tho’ being cold should not be an option. Nice to know that the tires are new and ready for the road to Mazatlan. Safe travels!

  6. chris says:

    Worth the wait on the tires. Good rubber goes a long way in terms of a trouble-free trip. Let’s hope Carmeh’s eye heals quickly. After recovering recently from a scratched lens I understand the irritating pain. Be safe.

  7. Cheryl says:

    Glad to hear that you got “new rubber” for the RV and that Carmeh is on the mend. “Tis’ life on the road…

  8. Kelly says:

    I’m sure you were relieved to get that day behind you…… take it easy on that bump this morning. (wine bottles 🙂 )

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