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Nov 25, 2014

It shrunk!!

Honest it did. As soon as I started moving my clothes into the RV the closets decreased in size.  It is the truth.  I have lost about 30 lbs since we got back home end of April and I have no idea of what still fits me.  So after a bit I got tired of […]


Nov 24, 2014

Did you know?

I certainly did not know.  Had you told me that I would have made it through today I would have denied it.  I was totally stressed. Up until 3:30PM I still thought it was not going to happen.  However here I sit at 9:40PM and my kitchen and cupboard contents have been not only transferred […]


Nov 23, 2014

Que pasa

Well I have been very busy.  The RV is more or less clean ( less, but we can do it there ) and ready to go.  Did my major grocery shop today and it is in the RV.  I love not having to go shopping when I am on the Isla other than fresh veggies […]


Nov 22, 2014

The geese and the lake

Forgot to mention in yesterdays post that part of my chaos was that I had totally deleted my inbox.  Just as I left Edmonton I was deleting things off of Dad’s computer before it went in to be recycled.  I know that they are supposed to wipe the hard drive first but I thought I […]


Nov 21, 2014

Home to chaos

~ for once, check in, security and the flight home went well.  In fact the agent at check in chose to not charge me for my checked suitcase saving me $25.00 and tax plus the flight was just over 23 minutes early.  I was home just about the time I was supposed to land.  We […]


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