Nov 30, 2014

The cold weather is behind us until next October

Woke up to 32F/0C in Ely, Nevada.  Nothing was frozen.  I have to say that it was warmer this past week  that it was the end of October doing the same route last year and in previous years.  You just never know what Mother Nature is going to deliver.

Sadly we have a problem with Carmeh, her right eye is almost shut.  Same dog, same eye and same problem a year ago.  FYI Gail, I am using the same antibiotic eye gel we used last October but will have her checked out by a vet in Lake Havasu tomorrow.  She must have injured it or got something in it in the RV as she has not been outside much at all.

Today was our wine shopping day in Las Vegas.  In the excitement of it all I neglected to take photos.  I promise to share photos down the road of me consuming said purchases  😮

Tonight we are at another Camping World and it seems that once again we are no longer allowed to stay overnight.  Well we are staying.  Apparently we have been illegal the last 2 years also but no one told us.  It seems that the folks living in the homes 2 streets away complain about the noise.  No worries, we are stealth campers.

A short 278 mile day. A very nice and smooth road but extremely boring.

Colin has managed to conceal 16 cases of vino in the belly of our beast.  Now you know why I brought US cash into the states.  It is long gone  😥

At 8:30 PM we have 68.6F outside but it is supposed to go down to 44F later.  No matter we will be snug as we all cuddle together.

Not too far before Vegas, perhaps 80 miles there some interesting rock formations.

Very interesting area.

Looking forward to what tomorrow will bring.


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4 Responses to “The cold weather is behind us until next October”

  1. Nice that you are getting all stocked up and warmer weather now too.

  2. Kathy Tycho says:

    Glad to see you are finally somewhere warm. Re: USA border crossing. I think you should just say you don’t have over 10,000. Sadly you probably now have a red mark next your file. Somehow honesty isn’t the best policy at the border. Remember when I declared an extra bottle of wine going home to Canada two years ago and they made me pay duty. Ridiculous. Also, re: USA to Mexico border crossing. I don’t think you’ll have trouble with produce or meat going through Nogales, it seems only to be an issue at Lukeville. Why…who knows.

  3. chris says:

    Great road pics. I hope Carmeh overcomes her eye issue. Keep going, you’ll be there soon.

  4. Cheryl says:

    Step-by-step… You’re getting closer every day! Wow, 16 cases of vino – that’s quite a little stash you have there. I just bought a case of Noble Vines 2012 “667” Pinot Noir. I hope Carmeh’s eye issue gets better soon…

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