Nov 25, 2014

It shrunk!!

Honest it did. As soon as I started moving my clothes into the RV the closets decreased in size.  It is the truth.  I have lost about 30 lbs since we got back home end of April and I have no idea of what still fits me.  So after a bit I got tired of trying things on and just sent them to the RV.  Well the RV was not happy.  It only wanted my skinny clothes   😈 What if I gained some weight this winter 😳   I wanted something I could fit into.  We are still working out a compromise.  I think the RV might win.

All of that finagling cost me about four hours and now I am seriously behind.  Heck we only have 2 sleeps to go.   We were lucky today loading in between the rain showers.  However the temps felt like way minus to me.  I guess I am a wuss at heart.  Had a chat with my Dad today and I am sad to report that his voice has gone once again.  The problem is that draining his lung gives him more time but the actual draining seems to give him many more physical problems. It takes a week to recover and then it starts all over again.  What to do?  What do decide?  I just don’t want him to drowning in his own fluid.

So happy to be closer to the house. The golf cart is under the tarp on the left. My car is under a similar tarp on the other side other RV.

At least we don't have too far to walk from the house to the RV.

It is 8:30PM and I really need to make a decent meal for Colin, personally I don’t need to eat any more.  Hopefully once we get on the road my appetite will return.  Meanwhile enjoy these sent to me via 2 blog readers.

Very sweet, thanks George.

Whoa Heather 🙂


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4 Responses to “It shrunk!!”

  1. Nancy & Doug says:

    Very nice!! Almost on your way…..Soon you won’t need that webcam!

  2. Soon your will be all packed and ready to hit the road.
    Just maintain your healthy eating habits and you will not gain the weight back, even moderation works well too. Good luck.

  3. Janet AShworth says:

    Safe travels!
    Will you be stopping in San Carlos?

  4. Kathy Tycho says:

    Contessa I understand your problem with clothes and agree with the “I’d better bring some bigger clothes just in case idea!” My health problems have me down about 25 pounds and many of my clothes are now too big. Nice to be thinner but I must say at this age it isn’t desirable to loose too much weight as the fat shrinks but the skin doesn’t go with it! Sort of like a deflated wrinkly balloon. Sigh! I think we will both be better when we get to Mexico and the beach. Lots of fresh veggies, fruit and fish will really help. Safe travels.

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