Nov 23, 2014

Que pasa

Well I have been very busy.  The RV is more or less clean ( less, but we can do it there ) and ready to go.  Did my major grocery shop today and it is in the RV.  I love not having to go shopping when I am on the Isla other than fresh veggies and fruit off the daily truck.  I know that I can make a meal with minimal effort.  It is so worth the time I am taking now.  We only eat fish about 2 -3 times per week so having options ( a variety of soy products ) is handy.  Plus I will make a soup or a crock pot of something tasty at least once per week.  We always start the day with a veggie/fruit smoothie.  I have seeds to start kale, swiss chard and spinach but I might be too late this year to get a crop.  Time will tell.

Next will be the loading of my kitchen ( some pots, rice cooker, knives, etc. ) and what is left in my pantry and the transfer of the fridge.  I just can’t understand why the RV seems to shrink in size every year  😕  Still a few very last minute items to pick up.  Called the US border today and was told that most veggies if made in the US or Canada were alright to bring in.  Being as we are traveling during the US holidays I will be avoiding my usual nightly stops at Walmart for food and wine.

The water pump in the RV has been totally replaced and we do have a spare for the trip.  When traveling to Mexico a spare water pump is VIP as you can’t find one there.  The  RV furnace needed a new circuit board and a new blower and a new thermostat.  That cost us $850.00.  Oh well that is the cost of upkeep on our RV and we are happy to keep it in pristine condition.

Got up to 7C/44F yesterday and the lake started to thaw. Today there is quite a large body of water that the geese were hanging out in. Later in the day the open water was much larger. I really wanted to get a shot of the 300 or so geese sitting out front but it was way too cold at 7AM to head out in my nightie. Sorry folks but I do have limits.

We have had snow off and on over the last few days. Just stay up there in the hills please, until we leave.

Spoke to Dad last night, he is missing me big time.  He says he is just not feeling good overall.  However he is still walking a bit, not as much as when I was there but he is moving.  It is so hard not being there right now but I think he will come to terms with my being away.  Sadly only the one sister is spending time with him right now.  My brother gives Dad 4 hours per week.  I guess I spoilt him but he deserves it  😛

Time to have a hot bath to warm up, accompanied with some vino and 30 minutes reading my book followed by a late dinner and then off to bed.  Tomorrow promises to be a very long day.

Baby it’s cold out there.  Trying to think warm thoughts.

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4 Responses to “Que pasa”

  1. Rod Williams says:

    The roads should at least be good for you. We’ve had no issues getting to Southern Nevada, other than it’s still freezing overnight!

    • contessa says:

      Hola Rod….I have followed your journey but you do drive more than we do in a day and we drive more that most. Not sure that we can replicate your stops but we hope to have the same good weather that you did.

      Thanks George… working on it.

      Hey Kathy…nice to hear from you. Sorry to hear you lost all of those veggies. I actually know that most of them are on the do not take list. I just want to bring some romaine and zucchini and carottes across. Usually our first stop is at the Walmart in Moses Lake but that is also US Thanksgiving so we are staying clear of there.

  2. Soon it will all come together and you will be on the road.

  3. Kathy Tycho says:

    This year when we crossed into the US I lost most of my fresh vegetables. Tomatoes, peppers, lime, lemon and my home grown potatoes. Potatoes would have been okay if they were commercial. It never seems to be the same from year to year. I just shopped for veggies when we stopped at the Wal Mart in Othello, Washington. An easy stop and there is always room.

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