Nov 22, 2014

The geese and the lake

Forgot to mention in yesterdays post that part of my chaos was that I had totally deleted my inbox.  Just as I left Edmonton I was deleting things off of Dad’s computer before it went in to be recycled.  I know that they are supposed to wipe the hard drive first but I thought I would just do some deleting first.  Guess I did one thing wrong.  It has been an inconvenience but I am managing.  But if I was supposed to reply to someone and you don’t hear from me just remind me.

For the very first time ever we are seeing our lake in its normal winter condition.  Frozen.

Colin was here watching it happen bit by bit. Interesting how the waves formed in motion.

So now what do the geese do?

I didn’t know that geese stayed here all winter.  Maybe these are late travelers who got caught in the early onslaught of winter.  There are are over 200 geese staying  on the lake and most certainly on our bird island at night.  Throughout the day they come and go, all of them at once creating a huge cacophony of sound.  Truly a sight to behold.

As they land they ski to a stop using their wings as brakes.

Now what?

Not much to eat here.

They are spread out over a large part of the lake, this is just a small portion of them. I never counted but maybe they number over 300. Perhaps they are waiting for a break in the weather to head south. This was taken from inside hence the reflections.

Who knows, maybe we will all be heading south together.

It warmed up a tad yesterday and will again today with temps up to 6C/43F.  I expect we will see some of the ice melting and some very happy geese.  Sadly we heard some gunshots early this morning.  I suspect we have a few hunters out there in the hills  🙁  Well time to get back to work and make some major dents in my RV to do lists ( yes plural as in at least a dozen ).  Happy to say I totally have finished with the business other than a quick trip to the bank next week.



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  1. chris says:

    Everything is late. We had monarchs come through here this week. Getting closer.

  2. Maybe the geese are waiting for you to leave?

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