Nov 21, 2014

Home to chaos

~ for once, check in, security and the flight home went well.  In fact the agent at check in chose to not charge me for my checked suitcase saving me $25.00 and tax plus the flight was just over 23 minutes early.  I was home just about the time I was supposed to land.  We live very close to the airport.  The girls were happy to see me.  After unpacking I put in a few hours at my desk, finally getting to be about midnight.

The great reunion.

~ however our fireplace had packed it in earlier in the day.  Yesterday we had someone come out to check it out and at first he was a bit overwhelmed with the size of the unit and wasn’t too sure how to start.  Fortunately Colin was still here and was able to get the guy going in an analytical fashion.  Turns out that something or other that ignites the gas was soot covered thus not lighting.  Easy fix but still the one hour minimum of $92.40.  No matter, now we know what to check for next time and we have heat again.

All I can say is then in the end he got the job done 🙂

~ Colin couldn’t stay as our car was having it’s pre trip check up, oil change, etc. and a good thing too as we needed a new battery.

~ sadly the RV furnace also packed it in the same day that the house fireplace did.  Colin has had the RV plugged in with a heater going and also the furnace for the past 11 days due to the arctic flow.   The furnace keeps our basement heated which keeps the pipes from freezing.  So our mobile RV tech came ( he is really good and also teaches at the college here ) and extracted the furnace from under the oven and took it with him.  At this time we have no idea the problem, the solution nor the cost nor the time frame.

~ the brand new water pump that was installed just as the cold snap started was not working.  We weren’t sure if our water tank was frozen ( and still don’t know ), however the RV tech did find that one particular crucial wire had not been connected.  Poor guy was working in the dark in minus celsius temperatures.  I assume that that will be rechecked when he returns the furnace.  Temperatures are moving to just above freezing at 3C today but with 30% snow in the forecast.

~ Colin has laryngitis, perhaps due to his doing so much out in the cold.

~ not sure if I had mentioned but our family doctor quit this past August and there is no replacement.  Actually there are 2 MD’s who quit and so our community is short of doctors as none seem to want to move here.  No one in this area or Kelowna or Vernon are taking new patients.  A few weeks ago we heard about someone who was taking patients but you had to go meet him as he likes to ‘interview’ his prospective patients.  The only day that worked was yesterday, half a day after getting home.  Instead of our usual 5 minute drive to our usual clinic this is a 30 minute drive to Vernon.  Long story short this guy has major attitude and seems extremely regimented with a huge ego.  He only does things his way and is not very open to discussion.  Thanks but no thanks, we will just take our chance at our walk in clinic until someone else shows up willing to take patients.

~ spent the rest of yesterday at my desk dealing with the usual but also dealing with a multitude of aggravating problems including  my .xls invoice program not working.  In the end I had to call in our mobile ‘Geeks on the Way’ guy who refused to come as he said it was a just a 10 second fix.  Well it took close to an hour as he tried to email/chat me thru it and that just wasn’t working as I had no idea what he was telling me.  I don’t speak geek.  In the end I told him to either call or just come as I needed to get er done.  He called and it was a two minute fix and he refused payment.  He got enough from us earlier this fall 🙄   Finally got to eat dinner, yeah Papa Murphy’s pizza, yup, I thought I deserved to go off diet.

~ hope to finish all the desk and paperwork today.  That leaves me 4.5 days to shop, pack, load and put it all away in the RV.  I honestly don’t think it is possible but I will try my very best.  A body can only do so much in a day.  We really want to leave as planned on the 27th due to a number of factors including traveling within our medical travel days that we have paid for and and appointments for further RV work in the US.  One step at a time.

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8 Responses to “Home to chaos”

  1. Rae says:

    Glad you made it home!

    Lots of annoying things to do deal with, but the help is convenient. What’s your RV tech’s first name? I bet I know him.

    My favourite picture in this set is of the fireplace repair guy. The focus is on what’s going on in the foreground, but look more closely in the background. Which one of your girls is that?! Too funny!

    I agree that you should keep looking at the 27th to leave. When there’s so much going on, it’s easy to keep pushing departure. Having a date gives you something concrete to work towards.

    • contessa says:

      Hey Rae, his name is Victor and his company is called Family First RV. As to the doxie in the background that is a statue that I found among Mom’s things last year after she died. It was obviously meant as a gift for me. I often do a double take, it looks so real.

  2. Sandy says:

    I, too, went from the ” bright shinning moon” to the Doxie which is far, far cuter – both views made me smile.

  3. Dolores tanner says:

    I swear if it rains it pours! Admire the way you face things and do them one thing at a time until all is accomplished. I try, so try, but am easily distracted. And seems I would rather do something horrid, like clean house rather than face the little things, or calls that need to be made to get done!! Take care and look forward to your blogs when traveling down South!!

  4. Rae says:

    Yup, pretty sure I’ve met Victor. That doxie is hilarious! It looks so alive!

  5. Peter says:

    Nice to see you reunited with Colin and the dogs. Now for a four day push to get shopped, packed, stacked and moving. You need some sunshine on the beach!

  6. That second pic “cracks” me up! Can’t believe you took the picture, but then again, yes, I CAN believe you did it! Glad you still have your sense of humor thru all the stuff going on right now.

    A month from now, we can wave to each other across the Sea of Cortez with big margaritas in-hand!

  7. Nice you home again and getting things done.
    Does not hurt to occasionaly get off the diet as long as it is only a quick slip.
    Whenever we make plans things always pop up and we have to change direction.

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