Oct 28, 2014


How often can you wish someone that?  Colin’s Mom, I call her Mommio, turned 100 today.  As Colin has no computer there he can’t send me any photos but this is a photo from last year.

They always have fun.

Colin took her out last night to the Fort Gary Hotel where she was feted at midnight.  She loved it.  Today the three sons are together and their spouses with Mommio, sadly I have to miss the big event.

Photos in a few days when Colin gets back.

Both Mommio and the hotel turned 100 this year.

Meanwhile Dad had 1000 ml drained from his left lung today and I was able to ask that they give him some pain meds ahead of the procedure and suggest they drain the fluid slowly.  When I was there last they took 950 ml out in 5 minutes, much too stressful on the lungs and the patient.  Today they did it over 25 minutes, much better.

Caeli was totally startled during her nap.

I asked our window cleaner to come back and clean just the one window. While I was in Edmonton the landscaper blew out our water lines and somehow managed to make a mess of this window. So I called Shaun and he came around today and cleaned it at no charge to me. Lovely English bloke.



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9 Responses to “HAPPY 100TH!!”

  1. Nancy & Doug says:

    What a joy she must be!! It looks like she has a REAL love for life!! Thanks for sharing…..

  2. what a thrill for Mommio! I’m sure Colin will have some wonderful photos of her big day so you can see the big celebration. Happy 100 and many more– she looks fabulous!

  3. Teri says:

    Colin’s mom is lovely, hope she had a wonderful birthday!

  4. Croft says:

    Happy Birthday, Mommio! I hope I can stay up until midnight in 31 years!

  5. Happy 100th birthday Mommio!

  6. Peter says:

    Wow, 100! We should all be so lucky. She looks great!

  7. Connie in PA says:

    Happy birthday to a lovely lady!!!

  8. susie says:

    Yes, how wonderful for her to be “100” years young..

  9. chris says:

    Great pic of Colin and his mom. Can’t wait to see you guys.

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