Oct 06, 2014

Life is good

This morning I was awoken by geese.  I thought that they had mostly left as I’ve only see a few here and there since I’ve been back.  But this morning the entire lake area in front of  us was filled with feeding geese, getting ready for their voyage south.  I lost count at about 90 and there were a few more.  Perhaps this was a group passing overhead and decided to stop and rest.  Love seeing and hearing the geese. I didn’t take a photo as they were very close to shore and I did not want to disturb them.

We've had some showers and many rainbows.

Finally got our windows cleaned. As you can see they were bad. Tons of spiders and webs this summer. The flowers were from Colin when I got back from Edmonton.

Colin has been busy, busy, busy and is now working for three wineries.  Last Thursday after a long day, one of the wineries sent Colin home with 2 cases of vino as a tip.  Wow! Guess what I have been drinking?  I have hardly seen him since I’ve been back, I go to bed while he does photoshop, etc. till 1 or 2 AM.  I’m up before him as I am still on Edmonton time so even in bed we are ships passing by.  Then he gets up and is out of the door in a flash and not back till dark.  Not sure if I will get all my to do’s done before I have to leave again but you can be rest assured that my to do list in Edmonton is just as long.  I know I will be as busy there as I have been here.

Dad seems to be holding him own, no worse and no better.  He just may be around a lot longer than those doctors indicated.  Sadly he is starting week 10 of the same old hospital food/slop, it is on a 7 day rotation.  He is very tired of it and every now and them someone will bring him in something different to taste. At least in long term care the menu is on a 16 week rotation.  He is still not on the list for long term care and I now have a call into his MD to discuss this very thing.  Dad really wants to be settled in his final home, surrounded by personal things.  I have been nagging about it to the MD for 2 weeks now but I am about to get rather vocal about it.  There are 400 people on the wait list and it can take a very long time or a short time, it all depends on many factors as I have been told.

Forgot to mention that while in Edmonton I did a fun thing and went to a Grade 12 class lunch reunion. It had been set up as 2 of us were there from out of town. I'm the one in the mirror. We were an all girls school group and a small class of I think about 30.

I would have had a great time if my sister had not been calling me every 5 minutes from the hospital. I'm still getting a number of calls here from family everyday.

As you can see I have lost a lot of weight.  I lost 6.7 lbs alone during September and a total of 24 lbs since the end of April.  My clothes keep falling off my waist or sliding off my shoulder.  I have been able to wear some of my smaller sized clothes here at home.  Certainly not looking forward to Edmonton and the cold weather.  I have a few pairs of pants and some sweaters so that will be my main wardrobe.  I finally bought a pair of closed toe shoes the other day that I can wear with socks.  Haven’t worn loafers forever, I only wear open toe shoes, year round and wear the same clothes year round.  I have one set of fleece joggers that I wear for the few days that we travel south in the cold and I never ever leave the RV.  I am so leary of driving in the snow, not sure how I will manage but no sense crossing that bridge until I come to it.  It has been close to 40 years since I last did it.  Why do you think I left that place and headed to the West Coast and now winter in Mexico?

While I was gone there were several accidents not far from us on Duck Lake and now one due to a bear. I feel bad for the bear. Mid August I had to hit my brakes to allow a large deer to pass by. I was sad as we are encroaching on their territory.

You might remember that we had this crack repaired several months ago. Well it came back.

So since I have been home we have had the house laser leveled and sure enough this particular corner was out 1/4 inch. This time I made sure that he taped the crack as well as mud it 3 times. This afternoon he finally put the second coat of paint on. Let us hope that this is it!! I don't need to deal with this. However I am more than happy that the repair is done once again and hopefully for the last time, completed!

Not a Mexican sunset but not too shabby for Kelowna.


Needless to say at 4:30PM Edmonton time, still no call from the MD!!!



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9 Responses to “Life is good”

  1. Nice that life is good again for a while and things are coming together a bit at a time.
    You looking good with your weight loss, I have been doing similar now down 32 lbs, buys a few new clothes as well when I have too.

  2. bob says:

    You’re sounding much more positive these days. It’s a nice thing to see.
    Glad you got yer crack fixed.
    And yes, I know that didn’t come out quite right. Just as I intended….

  3. chris says:

    You’re lookin’ good!

  4. Croft says:

    I would hate to put a laser level on our house. I am sure it is at least one inch higher in the center where the original small house on a ring wall was added onto on three sides, If you drop a marble on the floor, you have to run to catch it.

    I have not had the pleasure of experiencing an Edmonton winter for many years. Have fun!

  5. Dolores tanner says:

    What a fun thing to do, to be able to have a reunion!!! Next summer is my 50th, can you believe??? where, or where does the time go, what did I do with those years… heavens!!
    Beautiful sunset!
    We need a picture of the puppers 🙂

  6. Suzanne says:

    Wow, Contessa, you look so great in that photo! So vibrant! It’s good to see you smiling, though I have to say, I hope the Mazatlan twinkle in your eye returns soon enough. I am sending lots of good wishes your way, and trust that your “internal guidance system” (i.e. your gut) will steer you in the right direction!

  7. Glad to hear that things are a little brighter for you. I sure hope they can figure out what to do with your father, hopefully that can get him placed sooner rather than later.

    It was nice that you were able to have an upbeat time with your friends when you were away in Edmonton.


  8. longdog2 says:

    Glad you are feeling more positive now. If your Dad is complaining about the food, he is probably doing okay. And while it may be irritating to get all the calls, the fact that your family is all talking is probably a good thing as well. Hang in there.

  9. Lynda says:

    You look great! Glad your dad is hanging in there. Take care…

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