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Oct 31, 2014

The day in photos



Oct 28, 2014


How often can you wish someone that?  Colin’s Mom, I call her Mommio, turned 100 today.  As Colin has no computer there he can’t send me any photos but this is a photo from last year. Colin took her out last night to the Fort Gary Hotel where she was feted at midnight.  She loved […]


Oct 26, 2014

Ships passing in the night and some bad news

We were barely together for 24 hours but like ships passing in the night it was time for Colin to head to the airport at 6 AM this morning.  Our original plans had us leaving Edmonton in our RV after a 4 day visit with my Dad in Edmonton and heading to Winnipeg.  Colin’s Mom […]


Oct 25, 2014

Que Pasa

~ can you believe that gas in Edmonton is only 99 cents per litre.  Kelowna is down to a low of 125.9. ~ Dad is no longer confused but depressed.  He is upset that it is taking all of his energy to just keep breathing to keep alive.  He is very frail and has no […]


Oct 23, 2014

Your prayers worked! Thanks!

Late yesterday a bedside chest x- ray was done as were 3 sets of blood work, 2 within 90 minutes.  He had a fever of 103F and extremely low blood pressure.  An IV was started and antibiotics administered.  It wasn’t confirmed until this morning ( Wed. AM ) that he had pneumonia but I suspected […]


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