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Sep 18, 2014

Phew!!!! Part one!

A few days ago I decided that there was not enough wine to deal with my pain and sorrow…..mostly related to the siblings.  I can’t begin to discuss the horror of it all.  I honestly was ready to pack it in, I do not need that kind of abuse.  I cried and cried not believing […]


Sep 14, 2014

It is what it is!!

You know why I haven’t been posting.  There simply aren’t enough minutes in the day to do all that I have to do.  Everyone, you all, friends and staff at the hospital tell me to get some rest.  Impossible.  Today is day 15 and it is not easy.  In fact it is more difficult than […]


Sep 05, 2014

It’s bad…..

…I haven’t stopped since I arrived 5 days ago.  Dad was told he had just over 2 months to live if he did not have the procedure.  There was a huge chance that he would not survive the procedure.  Even if he did it was likely  that it would be of no help and then […]


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