Sep 20, 2014

Crazy busy!

Dad has a super bug in his lungs and is back on IV antibiotics which means that he can’t go on the list for long term care. He is not long term but short term, if you know what I mean and it seems that he will die in hospital rather than in a personal area ( tiny room ) surrounded by objects he loves. We have been bringing in photos and small items and this has everyone from the cleaning people to the doctors stopping to ask about them.

I brought in some stickers for Dad, could not find any gold stars but instead got apples with an A +, he gave these out to the staff for 2 days. Each recipient was given a speech on why they were receiving the award. Even the MD got one and the head nurse who actually came to help him to the toilet. I later found out that the staff were wondering why only certain people had A+ stickers.


This hole was a surprise I had to deal with in preparing the condo. Seems some repairs were made years ago re a plumbing leak and rather then repair the hole the worker just left it as it would be covered by a bookcase.

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