Aug 26, 2014

News from the Isla and Mazatlan

We still have one couple staying at Tres Amigos on the Isla.  They told the story of a storm that occurred on July 24th and sent photos.  Words and photos used with their permission.

Thurs. the 24th we were awakened at 2 in the morning to the rocking of the trailer.  At first we thought earthquake and then with the first howl of the wind the storm hit.  Pelting rain, high winds, ear shattering thunder and lightning all around us.  We went outside to try and get the canopy down that is on the trailer…Couldn’t move it…The wind was so strong it moved our quad off our pad, Threw the bbq & tank to the side of the trailer and just an all-around mess.  Secured the canopy as best we could, as the sand blasting us didn’t help, and hunkered down in the trailer.  The storm lasted an hour and a half.  When we could finally see the lights from the light house and Mazatlan all started to calm down.

In the morning we found that our back canopy had been picked up by the wind , blown over the trailer,  the back fence of the park and landed in the coconut grove behind us taking two telephone lines with it.  David’s palapa  ( a palapa put up by the owner for shade ) next to us was destroyed.It seems this storm was a surprise to the locals.  That makes me feel a bit better!! There had been no warning issued. The winds exceeded 70 miles an hr.  No wonder we felt as if we were going to be blown away.  Marco usually warns us so even he had no clue. Hurricane season hasn’t even started yet!!!!!!

Can you imagine waking up to this?

This couple had planned to trade their RV in on a newer model and now the value is greatly diminished.

They had a canopy at the back of the unit. Thank goodness we put ours away this year.

Contessa all is good at your place.

They kindly sent photos of our site.

Happy to see that most of the roof stayed up. I'm sure some repairs will be in order.

The RV Park owner's RV. He is now building a palapa similar to ours.

New fence next to the restaurant which will help control the music on the odd nights that there is a fiesta.

Not sure why but they also redid the back fence and apparently all the bougainvillea will come back.

Meanwhile another friend who lives in Mazatlan, went to the botanical gardens behind the RV Park mid August and took several photos of our site. Looks like my garden is doing well.

I was pleasantly surprised to read the other day that Family Motor Coach Association is leading three caravans to the Baja this coming February and March.  They are hooking up with Fantasy RV Tours.  This is a great way for Rvers to experience travel within Mexico.  We have never been a part of a caravan but for some people it is the way to dip their toes into Mexico for the first time.

Great news for the Isla/Stone Island.  The company that built the Botanical Gardens is now ready to go ahead with the construction of 38 bungalows and 2 hotels.  What that means to me is that the road is going to finally get paved.  No longer will we have to deal with the  dusty & bumpy gravel road that washes out when it rains.  I sure hope it is sooner than later and it likely will be.  Estrella del Mar, the  resort and golf course have new owners who are also anxious to get the road completed so that their guests can do a short 10 mile drive to take a panga on the Isla to Mazatlan rather than do the long drive via the highway.

There was a recent article in The Mazatlan Messenger explaining that due to the recent rains more turtles are coming to the local beaches to lay their eggs.  How great is that?  Wish I was there to see it.




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  1. Nice to here some news from the Isla, at least apparently nobody was injured.

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