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Jul 15, 2014

Heat, Fire and Stupidity

Why are people so stupid?  It’s 100F at 6:00PM and climbing.  Yes everyone,our A/C is on and has been since 10:00AM.  We really didn’t need it yesterday but we will for the next few days.  I have so many rants today that I don’t even know where to start. We’ve all read in the news […]


Jul 14, 2014

Supermoon & smoke

What is a supermoon?  This year we are fortunate to have three in a row.  The first was last Saturday and if you missed it be sure to check it out on August 10th and again on September 9th. As written by Andrew Watt. Supermoon events occur when the full moon coincides with it reaching […]


Jul 13, 2014

Yet another Que Pasa

~my eye is still a problem which is why I’m post so infrequently.  I see the eye doctor again on Saturday.  I find editing my photos difficult.  This post will be in bits and pieces so that I can come & go from the computer.  I’ll see if that helps. ~I’m still attending Weight Watchers […]


Jul 10, 2014

Hard to believe it’s been a year already

Today marks the first anniversary of my Mom’s death.  I think it has hit me harder than I expected, likely because I could not be with her at the end.  I was just 10 days into recovery from hip surgery and was unable to travel. But where has the year gone?  What have I done […]


Jul 08, 2014

HEAT wave and no A/C

What is it with us and air conditioning?  If you remember on our way back from Mexico this spring and while in Arizona with temperatures hovering at 104F we lost both our RV dash air as well as our overhead air.  It took a few days and mucho pesos to get those two areas repaired. […]


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