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Jul 21, 2014

We have added another ‘C’ to the family!

Colin has been mentioning this addition for at least 18 years and finally it came together. It is a 16′ Huron cedar and canvas canoe.  It was built in the late 50’s and has been refurbished including new canvas and varnish.  The stars were aligned when Colin caught sight of this beauty for sale and […]


Jul 20, 2014

A surprise visit from friends we’ve wintered with on Isla de la Piedra ( Mazatlan, Mexico )

First of all for the first time in 27 years we had rain on our anniversary. I met with my eye MD yesterday ( yes she is open on Saturdays ) and it seems that there is some improvement but the problem remains.  So I will continue with the steroid eye drops for another week […]


Jul 18, 2014

Today marks our 27th anniversary

We aren’t exactly celebrating.  We were going do a few things but other priorities have come along, like working. I have a lovely wild sockeye salmon fillet to BBQ tonight and 2 bottles of wine cooling in the fridge.  Likely we’ll catch a movie on TV.  Can’t think of anything I’d rather do than stay […]


Jul 17, 2014

Enough already!!!

The title of the hit song by The Platters “Smoke Gets In Your Eyes” doesn’t even cover it.  We were forced to leave the A/C on all night because the smoke smell was too strong.  Then there was the power outage sometime during the night.  Whatever the explosion was, it shut down all the gas […]


Jul 16, 2014

This & that…

How hot is it out there? After my rant yesterday I have given up on keeping up with the fires and which human started which fire.  Suffice to say that things are not much better.  Over a thousand people are being evacuated without any notice at all.  Just south of our border, the US is […]


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