Jul 27, 2014

Are you planning for your retirement properly?

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7 Responses to “Are you planning for your retirement properly?”

  1. Karen says:

    Dear Comtessa, that is one of the funniest things Taylor & I have read in a while. With all the bad new stories lately, laughter is a salve. Please one my new emIl address. My Yahoo email was hacked a few weeks ago and I’ve changed it so hopefully it doesn’t happen again. My apologies is it has inconvenienced you in any way. Please let me know you’ve read this so I can cross your name off the list of people I’m contacting. Take good care of yourself & of course Colin $ the girls. Blessings. Karen

    • contessa says:

      Oh Karen, being hacked is horrible. It happened to us while we were building this place. Totally inconvenient. Happy to make you laugh. Thanks for the new email address. Please give us a shout next time you are in the area, would love to get together even if only for an hour.

  2. Janet AShworth says:

    That is the best financial planning ever!

  3. Steve says:

    LOL … fantastic

  4. Great advice, thats how we were able to retire so young, great planning like you said.

  5. longdog2 says:

    We don’t get recycling so I guess the wine would have to the only reward for is unless we invested in the winery.

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