Jul 20, 2014

A surprise visit from friends we’ve wintered with on Isla de la Piedra ( Mazatlan, Mexico )

First of all for the first time in 27 years we had rain on our anniversary.

Not a lot but it was wet.

If anyone is looking for a smooth, unoaked chardonnay, I highly recommend this one. It was a thank you gift from someone a year ago and I'm so glad I saved it for a special occasion.

I met with my eye MD yesterday ( yes she is open on Saturdays ) and it seems that there is some improvement but the problem remains.  So I will continue with the steroid eye drops for another week and then start tapering off.  She says that I am the first patient she has ever had who has not been cured within two weeks.  I’ll be seeing her again in three weeks.

I had been back home less than ten minutes when out of the corner of my eye I saw a car stop out front.  Then the horn sounded a few times.  I went over to the window and my mouth popped open as I saw a very familiar face coming out of the back seat.  I didn’t recognize the driver but certainly the passenger and then suddenly there was her husband.

It was Barb and Don who were staying with a friend in the area.

Barb and Don have RVed at Tres Amigos on the Isla for years and years until a few years ago.  Now they fly into Mazatlan for a few weeks and come over the to Isla to visit with those of us still there.  They live in Ontario ( close to Toronto I think ) and have recently purchased a 27′ Class C Winnebago View and are on a bit of a tour of Canada and the US.  They flew to Edmonton to pick it up ( their kids drove it there from Ontario and flew back ) and will do some visiting with friends along the way.  We were one of the first they stopped to see and what a surprise it was.  They have been reading my blog from day one so were familiar with what was happening in our lives.  We had a whirlwind visit and a quick tour of our new home.  It really was a whirlwind of a day, look at my hair blowing in the breeze.

We had wind gusts up to 60km/h all afternoon. Leaves and debris were flying. There was one tree that we know of here in the park that snapped off.

Of course we were all concerned about the wind fanning the fire but the helicopters and ground crew kept it under control and today some of those evacuated are being allowed to return home but will remain on evacuation alert.


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  1. Nice to have Barb and Don drop in for a visit, I believe we met them there on the Isla when we were there too. Looking good.

  2. chris says:

    I’m sure your guests got the royal treatment like we did! Happy anniversary! Can’t wait to see pics of the canoe in action.

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