Jul 18, 2014

Today marks our 27th anniversary

We aren’t exactly celebrating.  We were going do a few things but other priorities have come along, like working.

Colin is still glued to his computer completing the photoshop work from all of his aerial photography. We keep getting calls from clients wanting their photos.

I'm no better, catching up on yesterday's to do list because we were away so long yesterday.

I have a lovely wild sockeye salmon fillet to BBQ tonight and 2 bottles of wine cooling in the fridge.  Likely we’ll catch a movie on TV.  Can’t think of anything I’d rather do than stay home and relax.  Colin should be caught up by next week and we’ll take a day off and perhaps do the few things I had originally planned for today.  Don’t feel sorry for us, as this is what allows us to spend 5 months on the beach in Mazatlan each winter, where we do nothing but relax and play everyday.

It’s only 29C today and there is a strong breeze so we haven’t had the A/C on since about 8AM.  We slept with it on again last night because of the smoke.  There is still smoke today but the wind helps and I just needed to have ‘fresh’ air.  Neither of us are fond of using A/C unless really necessary.

Sadly that wind is whipping up the fire in West Kelowna but fortunately it is remaining within the fire retardant lines but it did grow to 400 hectares overnight.  Firefighters have been flown in from Nova Scotia, Quebec and I think Manitoba.  Fire trucks are coming from Kamloops and Big White to help.  Meanwhile the fire is being fought with water bombers, float planes specially designed to hold water and dart in closely to dump their load plus a slew of bucket carrying helicopters ( that rent out at $1000.00/hour ) plus fire fighters on the ground.  Fellow blogger Rod has further information on his post today.  He now has his 5th wheel loaded and ready to flee should it become necessary.

My good news today is that I did get a full refund from BMW on what I consider non existent work yesterday and poor coordination.  Enough said.  So this is what we used to look like.

Time does have a way of changing us.


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15 Responses to “Today marks our 27th anniversary”

  1. Connie & Barry in DE says:

    Well, Happy Anniversary, Contessa and Colin!
    Wishing you many, many more good years together.
    Love the photos – so adorable!!!

  2. Barbara says:

    Happy Anniversary also. Love those eyeglasses!!

  3. Gotta love those ’80’s styles! ha! Well, like a good wine, you too are much finer now with age! Enjoy your anniversary celebration whenever you get the time for it! Congrats!!!

  4. chris says:

    Happy Anniversary! Wow, 27 years. Enjoy your special day especially the wine! Wine, dine, and well, you know the rest.

  5. Happy Anniversary, time sure does fly by when you are having fun.

  6. Marcia in PA says:

    Beautiful people yesterday, and today. Happy Happy Happy!!

  7. Bob says:

    I was thinking of you guys when I saw the news about the fire situations. Gah! Sure hope it gives you a pass. The smoke is bad enough.
    Probably one of the scariest feelings I ever had was when we had a forest fire come within less than a mile from our old place in Nova Scotia. Hard to explain, but I’m sure you can relate.

    Happy Anniversary. Hope you have many more.

  8. Rod Williams says:

    Happy Anniversary! I hope you didn’t keep those glasses. We burned ours I think.

  9. Kelly says:

    Love the wedding pictures……

  10. Peter says:

    Happy aniversary Colin and Contessa. You both look as good as your wedding day!

    Cheers, Peter and Shelagh.

  11. Dolores tanner says:

    Congrats!! Such lovely wedding photos….

  12. Marty says:

    Happy anniversary!

  13. Croft says:

    Happy belated Anniversary, I missed reading this yesterday. If that wedding was where I think it was, my dad built that arbor, or maybe one that pre-dated it. He would have built it sometime in the mid 60’s.

    Nice glasses BTW.

  14. Hannelore says:

    Hello and congratulations from Kamloops.
    The beautiful pictures of your wedding snapped me out of my laziness to finally send greetings .

    Many a times I have been very moved by the blog you write. The one picture and writing in which you display the two shadowy hands not quite meeting , is one example.
    Your lives are certainly hugely busier while in Canada compared to Mexico.

    I think that goes for all of us snow birds. Running a house here involves more work , family and friends. We loved it in Mazatlan but we are not that sure yet if we will return. Many other places in the world we have not been to , are also being considered. It is possible we will get back. Oh ,all these options one has ……

    We are also engulfed in smoke for days. It cleared up a bit towards evening yesterday, it was short lived. How shocking to hear Kelowna is again affected by fires again. Those poor people that have to evacuate. I would not know what to pack especially if there is little time.
    Glad the eye problem is somewhat better. Missed the blog on the days you had to cut back on time at the computer.
    Wishing you a wonderful happy celebration on this day and always.
    Peter and Hannelore.

    • contessa says:

      Thanks everyone for your comments and lovely thoughts.

      Hannelore, you are so very sweet. I’m sure that we will one day meet again.

      Croft, you guessed correctly 🙂

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