Jul 16, 2014

This & that…

How hot is it out there?

Ask my plants. First it was too wet and suddenly it was scorching. Pretty much ready for the compost pile.

After my rant yesterday I have given up on keeping up with the fires and which human started which fire.  Suffice to say that things are not much better.  Over a thousand people are being evacuated without any notice at all.  Just south of our border, the US is dealing with fires in Washington, Oregon and California. My sister who lives in Edmonton, Alberta mentioned how the smoke was becoming an issue.

...and now we have an RV that caught fire and burned itself to destruction.

I’m just going to stay here inside my little house on the lake and live in the cool of air conditioning.  So many people don’t have the option of A/C.  I spoke to a courier that came to the house today, he mentioned that he has no A/C in his truck.  That must be tough.  However when I went out in the golf cart late this afternoon in the 100F heat with the wind blowing like a red hot oven, to mail some business correspondence, I couldn’t help but notice the number of people actually lying out in those conditions, suntanning.  I guess I have become a wimp.  I just wanted to get back to the comfort of my house.

My eye must be somewhat better despite bothering me so much last Monday. I could not use the computer.  Just 2 days later I’m doing blog posts and managed to get a bunch of business work completed on the computer today.  Maybe those eye drops and gels are finally kicking in.  I am looking forward to my appointment on Saturday to see if those cells are starting to regenerate.

Carmeh is Colin's girl. She sleeps next to him at night and when he is gone during the day she sits at the window waiting. Today he came home earlier than expected but had some computer work to do. She tried to get him to play with her, to hold her, to do anything with her. Finally she gave up and went to sleep right next to him.

If you pay $200.00 more than I did for my Canon SX280 you get this case along with a tripod and a memory card. You can't buy the case separately. I know, I really really tried.

Somehow in all my online research I found this leather case for sale in where else but China.

These photos come from the internet as I can’t take a photo and use my camera as a model at the same time.  The case was delivered to me within 10 days of ordering.  I was very skeptical to place the order but for $9.18 US how could I go wrong?  No duty nor extra taxes were paid.  This just might be the best deal I have ever managed to purchase :mrgreen: My only disappointment is that the red case that matches my camera is no longer available.  So many options on how to use the case, the cover off or just leave it all together and snap your photo or half on and off like the last shot.  I just have to remember to tilt the camera a certain way within the leather case so that the lense is able to fully extend or the camera shuts down.

My lovely family 🙂 This is the first time that Caeli has joined us on our teal chairs.

After Colin got up they cuddled together. Just as I took the shot Carmeh raised her head, otherwise it would have been a perfect shot.

Enjoy tomorrow wherever you are and whatever you are doing.  Life is short so make the most of each day.



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5 Responses to “This & that…”

  1. Dolores tanner says:

    Just love when you post about the girls…. so cute and how devoted they are to you both.
    Here in Central Oregon we have 4 fires going and the smoke is a real problem…. supposed to be getting marginally cooler, but wind is picking up, none of them are any where near contained.. So very concerning when this happens, just hope no homes will be involved….

  2. Soon your heatwave will leave you and temps will start cooling down.
    Great that your eye is feeling much better, Great deal on your camera case.

  3. chris says:

    You have the right idea. Stay home, hunker down and enjoy the a/c. You have a paradise to live in not to mention Holiday! We sure miss that place. I’m also glad to hear your eye is better. Say hi to Colin and the girls.

  4. Heather says:

    I was able to find your blog again after deleting them all by mistake. The smoke seems to be getting lighter in the last two hours. Hopefully with the slightly cooler weather, things will settle down. It sure has been eventful. I hope you have a nice day indoors ant that your eye continues to heal.

  5. Marty says:

    All your smoke has traveled down to us. We have a thick haze, the sun is a red ball. Air quality isn’t great, either. Funny thing is we have virtually NO fires in Montana, we’re just the smoke keepers.

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