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Jul 29, 2014

Love in my yard


Jul 27, 2014

Are you planning for your retirement properly?


Jul 26, 2014

Global warming

We also lost power for a few hours during the storm and there were still thousands without power 24 hours later.  Not only that, it turned so cold that evening and for most of the next day ( 10C ), that we turned on the fireplace for several hours.  July is the hottest time of […]


Jul 25, 2014

A story about some cherries

It is cherry season here in the Okanagan. It was fun to be able to do this for him.  Now he wants me to send peaches  😎  I think they would bruise too easily in the shipping.


Jul 22, 2014

When I’m 64

Happy 64th Colin, mi amore.   Yes, I’ll still need you and I’ll still feed you and I still do love you!  Ohh, the wine is in the fridge!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  


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