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Jun 20, 2014

Happy Hour is Here !!

Happy hour is back in the province of B.C.  We were the only province in all of Canada that did not allow licensed bars and restaurants to change their prices during the course of a day, hence no happy hour.  Today a new liquor law took effect and for the first time ever, happy hours will […]


Jun 18, 2014

Where did all these kids come from??*#!?!!

Colin left early this morning for an all day photo session.  So the responsibility for the weiners fell totally on my shoulders.  Yes the sun was shinning this morning but it did not last all day.  I called Colin, late afternoon, who was at the other end of town to let him know of the […]


Jun 17, 2014

More visitors

I went to the eye doctor today as my left eye has been burning and is constantly irritated when at my desk, on the computer and in the sun.  I have been using those Artificial Tears by Refresh.  I can add drops every 30 minutes and still no relief.  I had this problem last fall […]


Jun 16, 2014

Anticipating Antidepressants

If the weather doesn’t pick up soon I may have to resort to antidepressants  🙁  We live in the sunny Okanagan, this is one of the tourist hot spots in Canada.  This year the sun is missing.  In fact it’s cold more than warm, never mind hot.  We had to wear jackets yesterday to walk […]


Jun 14, 2014

A new but very noisy neighbor

For over a week now I am being awoken just after dawn.  Later in the day it’s the same repetitive noise, over and over.  Sometimes it’s enough to give me a headache.  It’s difficult to concentrate on what I am doing but the worst is not being able to get back to sleep in the […]


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