Jun 21, 2014

Que Pasa

Today has been fabulous, sunshine and blue sky with a few puffy clouds.  Good enough for Colin to get some work done, finally.  Here I am at 4:00PM with a tiny breeze off the lake and a glorious 24C/75F.  Happy first day of summer.  Colin will won’t be back till after 10PM and and will be gone first thing tomorrow.

Last night was not so nice weatherwise so we were able to have what we called the perfect evening.  I had picked up yet another fillet of Copper River Salmon so that was first on the agenda, along with some red potatoes that we precooked in the microwave for 4 minutes and then wrapped in foil and put in the Weber.  The potatoes were good but we are still looking for the perfect BBQ potato.  Ideas please.  Along with that we had BBQ’d asparagus and an onion and I steamed some very tiny green beans that were delicious.  Dinner was exceptional and so was Colin’s Shiraz by Naked Grape.  After opening, it mellowed to a very smooth taste that even I enjoyed.  However I stuck with my Naked Grape Pinot Grigio.

Colin had a ceaser salad with grape tomatoes on top. I knew I would not be able eat salad along with everything else so I didn't prepare one for myself.

We ate in our recliners and watched a movie, something we rarely do based on time or me falling asleep.  Colin had taped a wonderful drama, Captain Phillips, filmed in 2013, starring Tom Hanks and other fabulous fellows.  It was based on a true story.  The dinner was awesome and the movie so captivating that I did not fall asleep.  It was one of the best movies we have seen in a while, an interesting study of character.

As soon as we put our forks down the girls lined up for a handout.

Earlier yesterday I increased Colin’s computer ram from 4GB to 20GB.

With all his new programs and huge files from the new camera he was getting bogged down.

Happy to say that it made a big difference speed wise.

Found this interesting creature on the front steps the other day. Anyone know what it is?

Our family of ducks have shrunk in numbers but are growing in size.

I find it interesting that both parents in the goose family stay with the young but in the duck family, just the mom.

Our new maple is putting out these lovely seed pods. A soft color now that will become a deep red over the next few months.

That’s about it for today other than my eye is slightly better.  Sadly that is because I stayed off the computer today.  Hopefully once it heals I won’t be bothered when using the computer.  One day at a time.  Happy first day of summer everyone.  I’m off to enjoy a glass of wine with a book, in the sun, of course.


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7 Responses to “Que Pasa”

  1. Happy Summer 4 C’s!
    That bug is a Western Eyed Click Beetle (http://bugguide.net/node/view/355636/bgimage). Of course, I had to look it up!

    I started preparing a bit of salmon and a glass of vino tonight before even reading your blog– how’s that for ESP?

    Glad you’re getting some warmer temps now. We’ve finally gotten a nice cool evening with no humidity! (it’s been dreadfully hot and humid all week).

    Good job on your Mac upgrading skills– the Best Buy Geek Squad will be hiring you soon!

    • contessa says:

      Thanks Lynne, you are so helpful with anything related to nature and the out of doors. I hope you enjoyed your salmon as much as we did.

      Chris….it was.

      George….one hour on the BBQ is too long for us. I’ll stick with pre cooking the potato and then on the BBQ for 15 minutes and then add the salmon for under 10 minutes. I just can’t justify having the BBQ on that long.

      I’ll look into those scalloped potatoes Croft.

      Nice to hear from you Colleen.

  2. chris says:

    Yes, happy first day of summer! Dinner looked fantastic!

  3. Gotta love that great weather finally.
    Our potatoes always turn out perfect.Just preheat the Weber on high for 15 minutes, and about one hour on the Q medium low to low heat, turn a couple times. Either rubbed with olive oil and and spice or wrapped in foil, pierce with a fork a few times. Or sliced about 2/3 inch thick with oil and spice they cook faster that was, turn a few times.

  4. Croft says:

    I checked my go-to guy fro BBQ, George, but he has no BBQ’d whole potatoes. I did however find his recipe for Scalloped Potatoes on the BBQ which I am going to try. Humm… I can’t seem to copy and paste onto the comment section. Search George and Suzi’s recipe page for “Scalloped Potatoes”.

  5. longdog2 says:

    Happy 1st day of summer just a couple days late.

  6. Suzanne says:

    Look at you back in your sundress! Yeah! Glad Colin was able to get in some work on such a cooperative weather day. Hope there are more to come…

    Hope your eye feels better soon!!

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