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Jun 30, 2014

Nuestra vida loca

We have had nothing but rain and clouds for days.  Today it was different. The forecast has changed. Vancouver’s weather was similar but with a cloud showing which is not acceptable for aerial photography.  Colin took the chance and left here at 4:00AM to drive to Abbotsford ( about 3.5 hours ) where he was […]


Jun 29, 2014

Attempted home invasion & a moment of panic

A brief update on my eye, it is really no better.  I have been able to pinpoint that using the computer is what creates the pain.  I’ve tried keeping the blind behind the computer closed and even wearing sunglasses but it does not help.  I can read and watch TV with no problem.  I use […]


Jun 24, 2014

So sorry but….

…I am unable to do a post tonight.  My eye is really sore and I need a break from the computer. Yesterday was a fab day with a high of 32C, we even had to turn on the A/C.  Today it rained until 6PM, so cold this morning that we considered turning on the fireplace, […]


Jun 23, 2014

What a neat TV

Colin was photographing a very modern home last week and took this video for me to see.  I love the concept.  It is certainly something I would like to incorporate in our home.  Not sure if it’s possible.  Likely it would be too expensive as we have hardwood flooring. The video is only 44 seconds […]


Jun 21, 2014

Que Pasa

Today has been fabulous, sunshine and blue sky with a few puffy clouds.  Good enough for Colin to get some work done, finally.  Here I am at 4:00PM with a tiny breeze off the lake and a glorious 24C/75F.  Happy first day of summer.  Colin will won’t be back till after 10PM and and will […]


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