May 06, 2014

Back to normal ???

That means that Colin worked a 13 hour day yesterday. For us that is normal but then you have to remember that we do get 6 months off every winter. It is a lifestyle that works for us. We are not retired and I’m not sure when that will happen, certainly not for several years.

This is the house that Colin photographed yesterday. Hard to tell but the walls are painted a deep violet and the walls in one of the bathrooms is hot pink. Lots of chandeliers with a modern kitchen and a glass stairway going upstairs. Not my taste but then we are all unique.

We were lucky to enjoy some sun this morning but are getting clouds this afternoon. Looks like a dismal forecast. Maybe we can plant our flowers on Thursday or Sunday. Sadly Wednesday already has a bunch of appointments booked.

Today is Carmeh’s first day off the Metacam and she seems to be doing alright.  I’m trying not to over analyze her every movement.  The next few days will give us a better idea of how she is doing.  I’m sure it takes a few days for the medication to clear her system.  I’m just a tad worried as she seems less inclined to jump and run today.  Both Colin and I can still feel the hotspot along her spine.

These hills at the front/street side of the house are a lush green right now but by July they will be a dried up brown.

While traveling through Arizona our jar of coconut oil was tipped onto it's side. It was liquid then and as we travelled North it solidified again. It hasn't been warm enough to clarify and level yet and sits at an angle in the jar.


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8 Responses to “Back to normal ???”

  1. Chris says:

    I have no idea if this would help a doxie or not. I have an older lab who is 12.5. Last year, she started refusing to jump into the car. I went to one of the local pet stores and found Sound Dog, Viscosity formula. Within a few weeks it made a huge difference in my dog. Of course we still bought a ramp to help her in and out of the car.

    Here is a link to the website The website has a list of ingredients you can show your vet. I typically won’t buy it in Mud Bay pet store as it is outrageously expensive that way. On Amazon, I have had much better luck.

    • contessa says:

      Chris….thank you so much for the link. It looks like a great product. Carmeh’s current problem is a back disc but this stuff would help in other ways. we will look into it.

      Cheryl….I have never heard of those back braces. I read all the info on them and we will discuss this with our vet. Thanks for your research.

      Dodi….I would feel better if she was still on the Metacam. We are giving her one more day of observation and then will talk with the vet. I appreciate your input. Glad you enjoy the blog.

      George….well not exactly a relief as she needs to not jump up and she just wants to which creates stress. She is now moving away from me when I go to pick her up and I;m not sure if it’s because she is in pain or because she is feeling better and just wants to climb the stairs herself. I wish she could talk.

  2. Cheryl says:

    Cali is 12 1/2 and has canine osteoarthritis. Sometimes she’ll flex her right leg out to the side and yelp. When she does that, I very gently and slowly bend and flex it a few times. It’s like it “catches.” Once in a while I can see she’s in more constant pain and I give her a Previcox.

    I’m glad Carmeh is better. You might ask your vet about these:

  3. Dodi says:

    Don’t worry about the Metacam. Its not like she’ll get hooked on it like our pain pills. My vet explained its like Excedrin or ibuprophin for dogs and won’t require a stronger dose, just takes the edge off their pain. My little guy had a terrible back injury and I had to keep his walking, etc to a minimum for 6 weeks. It was hard on both of us and I carried him into the backyard to go at least 5 times a day and picked him up and put him down for the bed at night. Because of this he did not require any surgery and believe me he was in a bad way. If you think she’s in any pain give her the Metacam, and of course check with your vet. I’ve given it for a month at a time with no ill effects. Good luck! and I just love your blog.

  4. Sounds like Carmeh is coming around and beginning to feel better, such a relief for you and her too.

  5. Sandy says:

    Hope puppy continues to get healthy – our pets really pull on our heart strings when they hurt.

    I really like to use the coconut oil to sauté several kinds of peppers, onions and mushrooms – wonderful served with whatever you like and very pretty if you use different peppers of color.

    • contessa says:

      Matt & Sandy….nice to hear from you. I wish our fur kids could speak to us. Love to use coconut oil in as many things as we can as it is so good for our bodies.

      Chris…thanks for this info. I really appreciate your input. It really does help.

  6. Chris says:

    We do have Rimadyl and Tramadol but try to save those for the bad days. Plus Rimadyl is hard on the liver..

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