Apr 25, 2014

I did it !!!!!

I finally got the year end completed.  My eyes were burning and I did have to resort to eye drops the last day.

Yes I do it the old fashion way. Our accountant loves what I do because I am so accurate and has offered me a job in his office anytime I want but I would have to learn how to do it on the computer. No gracias.

Not only did I get it done but I balanced the entire year to the penny  😀  That does not happen too often, especially on the first try.

All the documents for the entire year for both the company and for the two of us compact into one small package.

Then I called our accountant in Vancouver to let him know that all the company documents and our personal tax information would arrive on Monday morning.  Not good enough, he wants it today, Friday.  I called UPS ASAP on Thursday afternoon but they said that for this area we need to call in a pick up by 10:00AM.  I know for a fact that UPS drives around here some days as late as 4:00PM so I called the gatehouse and asked them to direct UPS here to our home if a truck happened to drive into the Park.  I would have driven the package into Kelowna my own but I have no wheels.

Well I do have wheels but Wednesday Colin had a problem trying to get my insurance renewed.  We put storage insurance on the Z3 for six months of the year and I usually just sign those papers on the back as indicated for renewal.  No go.  The lady at the insurance agency insisted I had to sign the back of the latest existing insurance policy in order for someone to insure my car on my behalf.  Only problem is that I don’t have any paperwork for existing insurance, just for the storage insurance.  Not acceptable said the very bureaucratic lady at the agency.  Contessa must come in here in person.  Colin patiently ( I would never be patient in such a situation as you well know ) explained that he has done it this way for the past two years.  Not this year she said.  I have been chained to my desk since Monday working on the year end and Colin left a 9:00AM Thursday for a full day shoot so there was no way to go in and get the paperwork completed.  So there I was with a perfectly good BMW ready to drive but no insurance.  Sigh!

Colin got home early and we drove to the main UPS depot which is just 4 KMs from here. They took the parcel but would not be able to have it delivered until Monday as we had missed the last delivery to the airport by 30 minutes. Well we tried.

The important thing is that it is done and out of my house. Now I can enjoy our table again, well at least until we hear from the accountant as to how we much we have to pay.

It was an odd day weather wise.

We got the rain and the mountain got more snow. Interesting clouds.


That was my day yesterday.

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4 Responses to “I did it !!!!!”

  1. Cheryl says:

    Well, now you can relax with a glass of vino now that the taxes are done. My taxes were done some time ago, and the refund is already spent. By the way, I have the same design on your sweatshirt on a tee shirt! 🙂

    • contessa says:

      Cheryl….relaxing with vino is a for certain. Great design, eh!

      George…thanks. Hopefully we will get a bit of a refund on the company, Colin usually pays zilch and I pay a bit.

      Croft….good story!! Sometimes if I am out 2 or 3 cents I might do that for never for the year end. So to balance 12 months is a biggie. One year I was out over $500.00 and no idea why.

  2. Good job on the income tax.
    Our not done yet, no rush, no refund and no payment, just a formality for us, much easier after I got out of the restaurant business.

  3. Croft says:

    I admire your ability to balance. Once I was the Official Agent for some NDP Member of Parliament and near the end of the campaign I was out by twenty-three cents. I must have spent ten hours trying to find that damn twenty-three cents! A worker who happened to be an accountant came by to see how I was doing and I told him I was probably going to jail over twenty-three cents that I could not account for. He picked one of my entries for purchased stationary or something and increased the amount by twenty-three cents saying, “This is why we work in pencil”.

    Done! I balanced! He “fixed” the problem in ten seconds. One of my receipts did not match the cheque I wrote but no bean counter in the world was going to take the time to catch it.

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