Apr 23, 2014

Things don’t always go smoothly

We have been working vey hard to get things sorted out and put away and get a grip on the company year end but there are aways glitches.  The other day after Colin’s aerial photo shoot he stopped in at Papa Murphys Pizza as we needed a time saving dinner.  They were closed, as in closed permanently.  The nearest outlet is in Vernon, about 35 minutes away.  Too bad!

At least the photo shoot went well. A winery has been sold and the new owners have hired us for a year long renovation project from both on the ground and in the air.

The girls continue to be cold. Here they had just come in and wanted me to cuddle them. The last of the 16 loads of laundry hanging on the left. How come we have so much laundry someone asked? Someone had 24 shirts to launder and someone else had about 20 or so sundresses to launder not to mention 2 sets of bedding and towels and shorts and other things and all the dog bedding and blankets which was 3 or 4 loads on its own.

We really want to go back to the beach!

Yesterday I spent close to 90 minutes on the phone trying to sort out just one of several problems that cropped up in the mail.  We have a CIBC VISA card for our personal transactions and a different TD VISA card with another bank for our business use.  It seems that some higher ups have decided to sell our personal card to the same bank that had our business card.  We want to maintain two different banks for a few reasons, one being that I want to just be able to open my wallet and know which card is personal versus business.  After much back and forth and transfers to a supervisor and his checking with his supervisor it was decided that we could remain with CIBC VISA but we would have to start with a new application which means our 23 year history and very high credit limit would be gone.  After more back and forth it was approved that they would be able to fix the situation and we would continue our good history with the bank.  Then we had to start the application process by phone, a nightmare.  At that point I called the supervisor and suggested we may switch to American Express when suddenly he decided we were going to be okay with no more telephone time.  A waste of 90 minutes.  Once the cards arrive we will still have a thirty minute online process with a supervisor to activate and do the final transfers.  It seems that they had already set us up with the new personal TD VISA which is likely sitting in our mailbox right now and we do still have the existing CIBC card and now the new CIBC card is on the way, so the 3 cards have to merged as one online. Then of course I will have to reactivate my automatic online payment with my bank not to mention give my new VISA number to those who do monthly auto payments with it.  I never signed up for this.  I am only one of hundreds of thousands of Canadians that this has happened to in the past few months.  Likely most will just go along with the change over.

Meanwhile our lovely fireplace would not light. Just before leaving we had it serviced and noticed problems after the fellow left but it was working well enough and we were leaving within 10 days. We did not pay the bill last October with the understanding that they would come back when we got home. The problem took two hours to solve but we only had to pay the original bill from last year. Not sure that we will use this company again.

The girls are very thankful to have their source of heat back.

We also had a small water problem at our outside water box where the water softener connects.  Colin with the help of a neighbor got it up and running the day we arrived.  The problem was in how the company created the connection and it needs to be permanently replaced or we will continue having the same issues year after year.

It rained all day yesterday but was clear with a cool 32F/0C at 6:00AM this morning.

Looks like more fresh snow up there on the mountain.

You can see the hills behind us have a powder coating of white. The snow level is low for this time of year. Looking forward to the few hours of sunshine forecast for today.

Saw this couple floating around the past few days. Tried to get a shot but they were far out and kept moving so I had to visit Google for this shot. They are Goosander ducks. They really stand out on the water because of their colors.

Not quite 8:00AM but my desk is calling to me.  Enjoy your day where ever you are.



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5 Responses to “Things don’t always go smoothly”

  1. Nice to get all those issues out of the way, now you can “relax”? at your desk.

    • contessa says:

      George…hopefully by Monday I will be able to relax in a lot more places than my desk. This first week because of the year end is always difficult.

      longdog…..that would be why and because the fireplace was not working. Back to solid rain today which as you know most doxies dislike.

      Dolores…they love to be warm, right now they are under 2 blankets each.

      Cheryl…yes it is. We are lucky to be able to return as late as we do but this is the latest we can come back due to the company year end and taxes. But it is better than March which we used to do. The fireplace is on:)

  2. longdog2 says:

    32 degrees, no wonder the babies are freezing!

  3. Dolores tanner says:

    Such sweet pictures of the girls on your lap!!! These doxies DO like to be warm!!!

  4. Cheryl says:

    I bet it’s hard to come from paradise on the Isla back to your summer home when it’s still cold. Your two “girls” are such snuggle babies!

    Stay warm!

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