Apr 21, 2014

Hi Ho Hi Ho, Its Off To Work We Go

Colin got our Weber set up as well as his inversion table.

The golf cart batteries survived the winter just fine.

My Z3 started up without a groan. Now I just need to get it insured to drive as opposed to being stored.

I did take a moment to notice that the buds are just starting to open.

Fortunately I was up early this morning, so that when the 6:30AM email came in requesting Colin's presence at a job site, I was able to rouse him from a well deserved sleep. That job led to a aerial photography later in the afternoon. Wow, what a busy beginning to our next 6 months. Yes, he is wearing pants, it is cool out there.

I did another 4 loads of laundry for a total of 14 since we have been home. I also got all the mail opened and sorted and ready for me to 'think' about starting the company year end and our personal taxes.

Meanwhile the girls were happy to find a patch of heat as the sun peaked through the clouds for an hour.

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7 Responses to “Hi Ho Hi Ho, Its Off To Work We Go”

  1. Connie in PA says:

    It’s great to go away but oh my the stuff that needs done once one returns but it’s well worth it. Carry on!

    • contessa says:

      ~ Connie, sometimes it all seems overwhelming. I think that because I have a 5 day time frame to get the year end done it creates too much stress. We actually tried to get the company year end date changed but it would cost close to $8000.00 to do, not worth it.

      ~ Cheryl, all the mail after 6 months and the surprises are a huge factor.

      ~ George…..certainly getting into the familiar grove. The business has started up more quickly than normal.

      ~ Al…..being home is always a great feeling and we are still enjoying our new home.

      ~ Larry…good luck with your first day back. Hope you sell an RV or two this week.

      ~ Suzanne….well we have a bigger RV so more space for stuff 🙂 We always bring way too much but you just never know when you might need something, well that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. I know that you meant seeing me in clothes other than sundresses!! Once it warms up I wear those sundresses here also.

  2. Cheryl says:

    I hate all the “chores” that await when one returns from an RV trip! It looks like you both are doing a fine job of tackling all the necessary items after returning home from the Isla…

  3. Its all about having fun and looks like you are enjoying getting back in that familiar groove again.

  4. AL:)) says:

    Just always love that ‘coming home’ feeling despite all the work involved for those first bunch of days….AL:))

  5. Larry says:

    I know where you’re at. I go back this morning.

  6. Suzanne says:

    Fourteen loads?? How is that even possible? I know you had the nice laundryman on the Isla. If I saved all my laundry for a year, I wouldn’t have fourteen loads! I don’t own that many clothes!

    Welcome home…..it looks like you guys picked right up where you left off. Glad to hear it was an easy transition. Except for the long pants. Now, we need to see what Contessa looks like without her sundresses. 😉

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