Apr 19, 2014

We got back home safe and sound

I can’t believe how a dog can remember a neighborhood and in particular a certain house that it has not seen in over a year.  Carmeh started shaking five blocks away and as we turned onto the street started barking and with two houses to go she started scratching at the windshield.  She knew that we were approaching Katie & Louie’s.  As we stopped both the girls were barking at the top of their lungs.

Carmeh with her Gramma Katie.

Being fed scraps from the table, like left over noodles will ensure love forever.

Caeli got her turn also. Our 3.5 hours went by way too quickly but we all did have a wonderful time.

Thanks for the lovely meal Katie and Louie, we enjoyed it and your company.  Glad to hear that you will be coming to visit us this summer.  We left about 8PM just as it was getting dark and it started to rain.  We discovered that a new highway had just been opened and it actually saved us close to 20 minutes and as we did not have to stop for propane nor fuel we proceeded to the rest area just 11KMs West of Hope.  We had forgotten that it was the Easter long weekend and were fortunate to get the last site that we could fit into for the night.  Shortly after we arrived, 3 more truck campers arrived and we were 12 for the night.  It rained hard and heavy all night.  We later found out that we had made a very wise decision to take the Fraser Canyon ( #1 HWY) home because of the snow and the wind.

The snow levels had dropped over night but the rain had stopped. This route adds just over 100 miles to our day but it avoids the higher elevations. The road is windy but honestly it really is a beautiful area to travel through.

Lovely vistas...

Carmeh was tired of traveling and kept moving about. Here she has her head on Colin's arm rest.

In this photo you have the CP rail line over the the left of the Fraser River, then the CN rail line and then the highway.

We crossed over and under a few times.

How often do you get this close to a moving train?

We had left the rest area at 7:20AM and made two brief stops for doggie breaks and food for all of us.  Colin did a great job of getting us home and parked at our site by 2:40PM.  At trip of 272 miles.

Then the unloading of the fridge and most of the food began.  We unloaded and stored things in the house until about 6PM and than I said…..”enough”!  It was a very long day and it was quite cool.  The girls were not happy at all.  Caeli does not like our hardwood floor and they both miss our old house where they could watch the activity on the street.  Here the view is to the lake which we both enjoy but not so the girls.  So they hung out on our bed during all of the unpacking.  At one point Caeli insisted on staying in the RV and refused to come into the house.  We know that they will adjust, after all we have removed them from freedom of a warm beach and brought them to cool temperatures.  It was -1C this morning.  The unloading continues.


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12 Responses to “We got back home safe and sound”

  1. Glad you’ve arrived home safe and sound! But brrr… hope that temperature will be rising soon! I had to laugh at the vision of Caeli insisting on staying in the RV rather than going in the house. I have the opposite problem with Millie. Hmm…would Carmeh like a different sister? I think Millie wouldn’t mind looking at the lake all day either 😉

    • contessa says:

      Lynne….yes brr and our fireplace won’t light. I think Mille would love it here and she can swim in the lake everyday.

      Dolores…they amaze me everyday.

      Rod…I guess you used up all the good weather when you arrived home.

      Bob…well at least today the sun is shining but still cool.

      Croft….we will still have the RV fumigated.

  2. Dolores tanner says:

    They know and remember, amazing isn’t it???

  3. Rod Williams says:

    Welcome back. Don’t complain too much about the weather. It’s wet and windy in the Fraser Valley!

  4. Bob says:

    Well there you are, safe and sound. Nice to see.
    Still waiting for it to warm up here. They’re not very accurate, those weather folks.

  5. Croft says:

    Welcome home! Is there any stray wildlife in the RV to fumigate? We have a colony of tiny Florida ants that we will have to deal with unless the colder temps drive them out.

  6. Welcome back to Canada, the weather will warm up soon, we hope.

    • contessa says:

      ~thank you George! Yes we are all awaiting the elusive Spring.

      ~Nancy from Canada, you are ver fortunate to be able to remain in Arizona. But isn’t it too warm for you?

      ~hola Nancy from Mazatlan. It is nice to be home but honestly right now I think I would rather just stay in one place. This back and forth and all the loading and unloading is tiring. However in a few weeks it will all be a distant memory and soon I will be planning our return to Mexico.

  7. Nancy Hodgson says:

    good you made it back
    we are still basking in the warm Arizona sunshine and hot temps
    heading out end of the month
    Thunder Bay just had snow the other day again , so we are staying put
    wont be in the great north till long weekend in May
    have to visit the grandkids and kids in SW Ont for a week or so first
    was great seeing you at Stone Island
    enjoy your summer

  8. Nancy says:

    I’m sure it is nice to be home safe and sound.

  9. longdog2 says:

    Glad you made it home safely. The girls will adjust and everything will settle down. Colin may have to switch to long pants and shirts with those kind of temps.fvu5

    • contessa says:

      Hola Colleen, thanks and we are happy to be home but I do worry about our longdogs. I hope they will start to relax. You are right about the long pants, he has them on!

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