Apr 17, 2014

Our first rain of the year

We left our great overnight spot about 7:30AM as we continued the trek North.  It was 57F inside the RV.  Needless to say we are using the furnace these days.

Mile by mile it became cloudier and damper and cooler. We had the heat on and both the girls and I were under blankets.

For the first time ever we blew it in Portland and missed a turn off on one of the hundreds of overpasses and underpasses.  I had looked down for a second and the next thing I knew we were going the wrong way.  I managed to guide us in the right direction and at the last second Colin took the left fork instead of the right fork.  No big deal, a 15 mile detour and we were back on I5.  We never left the maze of overlapping freeways, just kept turning here and there.

Colin took this shot of the classic truck with all the added lights at our first rest area stop. It would be neat to see it at night.

Shortly thereafter the heavens opened and it rained.

When you can’t see in front of you I find it very unnerving.  You could barely see in front of you.  We followed that Target truck for a long way changing lanes when he did.  It was nice to have a guide.  Meanwhile Colin was happy that all the salt from the ocean was being cleaned off the RV from top to bottom.

By the time we got to Seattle we had better weather and made it through the city in record time.

Colin had an appointment in Everett with a chiropractor he had been seeing for over thirty years.  Only he has moved since the last time we were here and we had very carefully asked about parking for our big rig and car.  We explained to the receptionist on the phone that we could not back up and were like a city bus that needed to turn around.  No problem she said.  Not true!  There was no parking on the narrow street and we ended up in an unmarked dead end.  So Colin unhooked and found parking for the RV and I found a spot for the car about a block away.  I guess most people drive a car to an appointment, not a bus.  After the appointment we simply stopped in the middle of the road and rehooked and off we went to find a spot for our last night in the USA.  Walmart in Marysville, WA.  Today we drove a total of  331 miles.  I have a few photos that never made the blog in the past few days.  I like to call them, scenes from I5.

I love these surprising bursts of color every now and then. I like to think that a bird dropped the seeds along the freeway and one day there were some beautiful flowering trees.

Every year these trucks get more and more colorful.

This is how we travel. Taken a few days ago when it was warmer. Now the girls are covered in blankets. They dislike the cold and shiver for the first hour or so of the day. Now that we are back in the rain, they will only go out as necessary and very briefly at that.

Someone put a lot of love and creation into the cow made of metal scraps.

Lots and lots of lumber trucks along I5.

Our plan is to cross the border Thursday morning and drive to our truck service facility in Delta, BC ( about 97 miles ) where the RV gets it's annual checkup.



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6 Responses to “Our first rain of the year”

  1. Love that old truck sure looks interesting.

    • contessa says:

      George…it certainly looked well cared for.

      Longdog….you are so right and nothing you can do about it.

      Cheryl…of course we miss the Isla. We haven’t come home to rain in a few years but it is better than snow.

      Marty…I would love to see those cows. Green and very wet here.

  2. longdog2 says:

    No matter how you explain, non-RVers just don’t get that space for parking thing.

  3. Cheryl says:

    I’ve passed those colorful trucks on the highway before – so cool!

    Wow, the girls are such snuggle bunnies. 🙂

    Safe travels – don’t you miss the Isla?

  4. Marty says:

    If you ever get a chance, take Montana 287 between Three Forks and Helena. A local semi-famous artist, Jim Dolan, built an entire herd of horses out of scrap metal and put them on a hillside. You really think they are real! I love all the blooming trees in Washington this time of year, it’s so green there.

  5. Peter says:

    Welcome home to BC. Today I will be pressure washing the back of the house and putting out the summer furniture. Hopefully Mama Natura will get the hint!

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