Apr 17, 2014

Back on Canadian soil

We had a good overnight at the Marysville Walmart and met a fellow BCer who winters in the Baja.

Colin picked up new toys for the girls, "Beg for Treats" & "Bark and Beg".

Just being silly after their final business for the night.

The morning started out at 53F and rain, welcome to the Pacific Northwest.

Our second international border crossing in 9 days and it was slow.  This is the first time in all our years of RVing that we had a 30 minute wait to get into Canada.

There were two lanes open and of course we were in the slow one. The line on the left just whipped the vehicles through and we began to wonder what the border agent in our line was asking that took so long. At least 7 vehicles in the left lane went through to our 1 vehicle.

Turned out that it was a very  young agent, perhaps new to the job.  He was more interested in asking questions about our trip and did we really drive the RV all the way down to Mexico.  He was very disappointed ( he shook his head and muttered under his breath that the Americans weren’t vigilant ), he thought that they should have boarded us at the Mexican/US border and done a very thorough check.  He couldn’t believe that all they seemed to care about was what we had in the fridge.  Now that was at the Lukeville crossing and he did feel better when we told him that they did x-ray RV’s at other border crossings.  Belatedly he remembered to ask what we had purchased and was bored with my answers, what were the big ticket items we had bought.  Just my camera for $180.00 I told him.  He wasn’t interested in the new dog collars or the Mexican plates I had bought.  A cute fellow.  Finally we were free to go.

First stop was Walker Heavy Duty in Delta. I got an email this morning from a reader....

Welcome home
I am thinking with all the service shops you travel past in the States and the ones where you live in Kelowna, why do you go to the one in Richmond? I am now in Abbotsford and would like to know the name of the service place you go to. Thank you
I have been home from south for 2 weeks now and still havnt got used to the cold

Walker Heavy Duty is in Delta and deals primarily with trucks.  We started using this company 13 years ago when we bought this diesel RV new and they know it very well and we trust them plus they are a bonafide inspection facility.  So when we moved to Kelowna several years ago we just arranged to do our annual maintenance with them on our return home each spring.  We have had occasion to call them while on the road in Mexico and they always have time to help us.  This is a heavy duty shop that you are allowed to walk around and talk to the senior mechanics working on our RV.  Colin has picked up a lot of great information from these fellows.  Maintenance is crucial to the running of your RV.  Eric, our RV tech from Mazatlan, suggested we get the belt tensioner checked and sure enough it needed replacing.  Good call Eric.

Blake is very detailed and did a great job.

We also had to make a trip to nearby Ladner to pick up some frozen tuna pies, a weekly favorite dinner at our house.  We sure miss the Ladner fish market.  Yes they have some in Kelowna but Ladner has always been our favorite place.  Once the RV is ready to roll, shortly, I hope,  we will be driving to friends Katie & Louie for dinner.

After a gourmet meal at Katie & Louie’s we drive to a Walmart in Chilliwack for the night, approximately 61 miles.

How come I can buy this carton of eggs in the US for $1.00 but here in Canada it is over $2.00 and often closer to $3.00?

I got this for $1.00 in the US but I know it is closer to $2.00 here in Canada. Just not fair.

Then early Friday morning we will drive home to Kelowna, about 197 miles.

Well that was the plan but Environment Canada has issued the following weather warning.

Now we have changed our plans...

It is 100 miles longer and will take 2 hours longer but we will take the Fraser Canyon route and avoid the snow and the kicked up gravel.

I don’t believe we will have internet again until we get to Kelowna.  You will next hear from us when we get back to our house on the lake.  Let’s hope it is an uneventful and safe journey.


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10 Responses to “Back on Canadian soil”

  1. Your last stop in the USA was Marysville, and so was ours but in Michigan, such a coincidence.
    Welcome back to expensive Canada!

    • contessa says:

      George…..Marysville Wa and Michigan, cute!….yes expensive!!!!!! SIGH!

      Marty….Walmart in Yuma, Arizona.

      Connie…loves your hugs, can always use more.

      Janet…of course we brought home lots of Mexican cheese, our favorite. Had to freeze some, hope it will taste the same. Never heard that before….BC…means Bring Cash! Cute.

      Carole….$5.55 CAD for one dozen!!! WOW!! Can I mail you some?

      Rod…..we don’t drink milk but as everyone knows we do drink wine….well at least I do! Thanks goodness we buy out of Canada 6 months of the year so it does even out.

      Peter…so good of you to give Mother Nature the hint 🙂

      Bob…you got it right! I used to fly to Vancouver to get my hair done. Nine years later I am still looking for the perfect local hairdresser.

      Dolores…we have had to do the umbrella thing for our girls here also. I think we might spoil our fur kids just a tad. I have no idea who buys those trucks but I have noticed more colorful semis on the road this season. I guess it’s a truck fashion thing.

  2. Marty says:

    Where are you getting $1.00 eggs in the US? We pay closer to $2.00 for them in Montana. The yogurt we can get that cheap, but not the eggs.

  3. Connie & Barry in PA says:

    Wow, you are so close home – won’t be long now – the girls are so darn cute – thank you for blogging – we enjoyed your Mexican winter – loved all your photos!!! Here’s HUGS to ya both!

  4. Janet Ashworth says:

    Welcome to Canada.
    Not quite home yet. Reality bites doesn’t it?
    Weather, food prices, you have not hit the liquor store yet! Hope you bought some cheese!
    BC means bring cash!

  5. Carole says:

    We pay £3 for doz large eggs in UK, so your onto a bargain!

  6. Rod Williams says:

    Then there’s $0.99 for a half gallon of milk, and don’t forget alcohol prices. Maybe we should just stop eating while we’re in Canada 😉
    Welcome home. We’re heading the opposite direction on Friday to visit family, and our route is up for discussion due to the snow.

  7. Lynda says:

    Welcome home, well almost! That’s a nasty weather report so hope the last leg is safe and uneventful. We love our trips into Canada- Vancouver this August – but it is expensive!

  8. Bob says:

    Once you find a good mechanic or shop, it’s like finding a good hairdresser. So I’ve heard.
    My sister, who lives in Langley ( I see you drove right by ) STILL will go to her hair dresser in Ottawa whenever she gets the chance.
    So stopping for service in Delta certainly makes sense. Have a safe final leg of your trip.

  9. Dolores tanner says:

    You must be home by now…. You have had to go a long time to get there, and a circuitous route at times. Love all the pictures and narrative. Don’t you love those colorful trucks by Mt Shast.. wonder who they sell them to???
    Take Care All.. hope the babies stay warm or get used to it. Luci also has no tolerance for coldness or the wet 🙂 I have many times had to be out holding an umbrella over her, while she did her thing when we were in pouring rain in Florida!!!

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