Apr 15, 2014

Another long day but I ‘think’ everything is fixed now!

We started driving Monday morning at 6:45 AM as we suspected traffic through Sacarmento would be heavy.  It was and we came to a rolling stop several times.

We arrived here at 7:45AM. They opened at 8AM and knew we were coming in with an emergency repair. After waiting 45 minutes they told us that they had no idea if they could even look at the RV today and could not tell us until about 2PM. We left.

Last Saturday I had also contacted another repair facility in the area.  It was listed at Village RV.  It should only have taken 15 minutes to get there but it took closer to 45 minutes as I directed Colin to get off the freeway  too soon and we wondered around on side streets for 7 miles.  I knew the direction we were going but it just took a long time.  When we arrived we discovered it was a Camping World.  I wish they would have told us earlier as I would have been able to find it quicker.  Regardless we arrived and they had the RV in a bay within 40 minutes.  The service technician assigned to our RV came into the customer area to tell us that he could not replicated the problem with the jack and the hydraulic fluid problem.  He did say that the problem could be caused by a faulty solenoid but he wasn’t sure.  We instructed him to go ahead and put in a new solenoid.  This particular jack has had recurring problems off and on for years.  We were already here and we had invested so much time into getting here that we decided to just get it done.

Usually we have been allowed to stay inside the RV during past repairs but not here so with only 5 minutes to pack and move out we grabbed whatever we thought we might need. It was freezing in there due to the A/C.

So another large bill, over $500.00 and we were ready to leave.  By the time we got the car hooked up and hit the road it was 12:30 and I was ready to call it a day.  However we had 250 miles to cover.  We are on a schedule as we an appointment on Wednesday afternoon in the USA and on Thursday morning in Canada.

I really wish we were heading to San Francisco. Maybe next year. After so many years of back and forth to Mexico we are thinking of spending less time on the Isla and perhaps taking 3 to 4 weeks to do more exploring in each direction. Much as we love the Isla it seems that it is the right time in our lives to be doing something a tad different. Three to four months is long enough to be on the beach. Of course over the past 13 years, we have travelled over much of Mexico in this RV, but felt we needed to stay put for the past 5 years due to a variety of reasons. Change is good. Who knows what the future will bring? For certain we will still be spending some months on the Isla.

As we headed North along I5 I noticed lots of smoke all around us for miles and miles. I finally figured out that the famers were doing some burning. They must be getting ready to plant.

We finally stopped at a lovely rest area about 2:30 for some much needed lunch.

The weather was perfect for a nice family walk among the eucalyptus trees.

There was a huge field off to the side that we let the girls go running in.

Shasta Lake goes for miles and is very picturesque.

The shutter speed on my new camera is so fast. I could never have caught this shot with my old one.

It was hard to capture earlier distant shots of Mount Shasta as the sky was white. Suddenly the sun peaked out and there it is.

We pulled into the Walmart in Yreka about 6:10PM making for a very long day on the road. We only drove 333 miles but it was the time stopping here and there that tired us out.

It was actually in the mid 70’s and very pleasant to walk around.  Last year it was 21F.  We decided to put the jacks down and open the bedroom slide.  All went perfect so we hope for continued success with the jack repair.  We purchased this RV knowing that the bedroom slide was curbside making it easy to open no matter where we stop.  The living room slide does not often get opened while on the road but it sure is nice to have access to the cupboards in the bedroom.  It was also nice to not have to run the generator for cooling or heating.  Dinner was chili I had made a few months ago and put in the freezer for one of dinners on the road.

Caeli found space to play with her favorite toy, a sprinkler head.

What we drove Monday, not too bad even with the extra stops.

Where we are headed Tuesday, a short, for us 224 miles, give or take a few.

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9 Responses to “Another long day but I ‘think’ everything is fixed now!”

  1. Connie in PA says:

    You’re making progress – keep on trucking and you’ll be home before you know it!

    • contessa says:

      Connie….yes we are almost to the Canadian border. We are ready to cross it.

      Peter…hopefully we will have sunny skies to unload. Clouds are alright, just no rain please.

      George…we are enjoying this trip now that the problems have been resolved but just might want a tad more spice next time out.

  2. Peter says:

    Nice to see that the rig seems to working properly. It’s warmimg up nicely here on the coast, I’m the the Okanagan will be toasty when you get there.


  3. Nice to see that you are making progress.
    But like you said maybe a bit more exploring on the way down a back might make the journey more pleasant and relaxing.
    Enjoy the rest of your trip.

  4. Rod Williams says:

    It’s been pretty nice here on the Westside since we got home, but it cooled off and started to hail this afternoon. It should be pretty goid by the time you get home.
    As far as seeing different things, change is goid, and best if done in small doses 😉

    • contessa says:

      Glad you got home safely Rod and sorry about the hail, better than snow like back East I guess. Please keep the sun turned on for our arrival on the 18th.

      Hola Al, yes we have had our problems but like Colin says it is a house on wheels and requires some care and maintenance. I just wish it wasn’t so stressful. Five months was a tad too long for us this winter and we are ready for some new action in our lives. Thanks for the endorsement.

  5. Rod Williams says:

    Good! Jeesh I hate typing on an Ipad!

  6. You guys sure have been having your troubles as of late. We had a problem jack on our Damon & even had it to the HWH place in Iowa 3 years ago but could never seem to get the problem resolved. I just ended up never using the darn thing. I see you are almost home. Good stuff & you will really be glad to get there for sure this year. Like your plans about getting out & moving around the country seeing & doing new things next year. I’m can usually last a couple weeks in one place but after that I just wanna get on the road & go somewhere else.

  7. Oooops again……..that last comment was from me…AL:))

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