Apr 12, 2014

Moving on….

What a joy to wake up to 67F.   Because I had a good internet link Saturday morning we spent the first few hours of the day researching RV repair shops and making phone calls.  I found a website that listed HWH dealers and service providers by state and that then listed the various cities. This helped to narrow who to call based on where we would be on Monday morning.  After an hour of calls we found a service centre that has the parts but we don’t know if they can see us that day.  They open at 8AM and we plan to be waiting for them.  We found a backup just 20 miles away.  Part of the problem is that we don’t even know the exact problem we have.  Most places don’t carry any parts, these two do.

Caeli had been fed and was just happy to soak up the sun.

As I continued to research and call, Colin took the girls for a walk and got this cute shot. I now realize that I never even got out of the RV until much later in the day.

Not too far from us was this group of people living here in the BLM land in tents. We saw four tents and dozens of water jugs and a few chairs set in a circle. There was one old car. My question is, where do these people go the the bathroom? I don't really want to know but I certainly wouldn't want to camp where they have been.

Just past the tents were a group of about 10 RV's, all clustered close together. Why? This one looks unique.

Carmeh sitting on the dash, not wanting to miss a moment of the drive out to the highway.

We got to the junction of I40 and lucked out finding diesel at the Chevron for 5 cents per gallon less than the other stations and they allowed us to use a credit card for the same low price of $3.89 per gallon.  With the repairs to date and the cash only low diesel prices down the road we are suddenly cash poor.  We actually realized that we don’t fill very often on our way home.  Just the once in Arizona, once each in California, Oregon and in Washington.  That keeps us until we are almost out of Washington state heading South in the fall.

The heat wave has passed.  We never had to use our overhead A/C at all today and the now working dash air was on less than an hour total.  The past few days have not been heavy travel days but lots of stops and move on and stop yet again.  It was nice to get on the road again today for a longer stretch.

Tonight we are stopped in a rest area just outside of Boron, California, a short 224 mile drive. We got here about 4:00PM and just relaxed. I read my book for the first time since leaving the Isla. It only took a day and we are now used to not putting out the slides.

Boron is the home of the Borax Mine, the famous 20 Mule Team Borax. This was taken from a long ways away as we travelled past at 55MPH. My new camera has a great zoom and the best feature is the fast, as in immediate, shutter action.

Our plan tomorrow is to drive to Stockton via CA99, approximately 327 miles.

Thanks to everyone for your support via comments and emails.  It does make a difference.


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8 Responses to “Moving on….”

  1. Croft says:

    You are having some tough luck! I hope you manage to get it all working before you hit the border. I can only imagine the inspectors wanting to look in drawers and you trying to explain that the slide won’t open.

    It is unfortunate about the extra charges at The Front End Shop. I thought we had found good workers at a fair price.

    • contessa says:

      Croft…..gee thanks for that thought, I can now see us at customs trying to get it sorted out. Not sure what happened at the Front End Shop but it seems that Carlos is having a difficult time due to staff shortages.

      Kelly…thanks for your support. I think that shot of the girls will go on our annual 2015 calender.

      Lynne….now if only the repair expenses will be as tiny 🙂

      George…somehow we have to get it fixed before we get home.

      Dolores….Carmeh is good on the dash but Caeli sits on Colin’s lap with her head buried. THe girls don’t wear collars on the Isla but here int he US and at home we do collar and leash them which they hate. As to minding us, Carmeh will never roam far but Caeli spends her days trying to escape and will roam anywhere.

  2. Kelly says:

    What a special picture that is of the girls.
    They are adorable.
    We’re thinking of you guys as you work through these problems.

  3. Glad things are looking up! LOVE Colin’s shot of the 2 big girls with their 1 little motorhome!!! Ha!

  4. Hopefully you will get things all fixed up before you get back home.

  5. Dolores tanner says:

    Luci has to sit up and watch and cries & cries when on a bumpy/rocky road, she just hates bumpy roads. What? Do you think that SHE thinks I can’t drive 🙂
    Just wondering, do the girls never wear collars or tags? And do they stay around and not run off? Luci is getting better but I don’t trust her, maybe she knows that? have to watch her all the time.. yours must be really well trained or just mind….
    So glad things are looking up for you guys….

  6. longdog2 says:

    Let’s just hope the tenters have a port-a-potti or at least dig a hole. Love the pics of the girls. Gretchen is the only one of my three that would come immediately back if I called her. Willy would be just like Caeli so they don’t ever get off leash except in the backyard or their xpen when we travel. So many nasty critters out there in the desert to get them too.

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