Jan 31, 2014

Que Pasa

What a crazy 2 days it has been.  Yesterday we went on what we had been told was a 3 – 4 hour road trip but ended up bring 6.5 hours. We were in the car all but 15 minutes of those hours.  More on the road trip another day.  Stay tuned.

Meanwhile on the way back at the end of the day we caught up to an RV driving that road, obviously heading to Tres Amigos RV Park.  I was somewhat concerned as they were driving on a small dirt road right next to the graded road.  We would never do that as we would sink in the wet mud as we are a heavier unit.  Turns out they were just trying to avoid the bumpy road.

We stopped and offered assistance if needed. Turns out they are here due to my blog. First thing I heard was "Are you Contessa?"

How did he know?  He says he recognized me from photos.  Welcome to the Isla, Bonnie and Bill.  I hope you are managing alright over in RV2.  Sorry RV 1 is so full but we are glad it is, good for business.  I haven’t been over to see you today, just too much happening. Hoepfully you saw the horses this morning.

It was a very high tide this morning.

Once the horses had passed Colin got his raking done. He hasn't done it for a few days so today was the day. You can see the tide is coming up to the end of our log, the end of our personal beach.

We delayed the start of our day by 90 minutes waiting for Colin's Spanish tutor. He never showed so we had our morning fruit and finally got into our beach walk.

After some hand laundry, some phone calls to Canada and here in Mazatlan and getting my ingredients into the crock pot to make salmon chowder I had another chore to do.

One of the campers had a dog who had a tumour removed and the stitches needed to come out.

Rather than subject the dog to a ride in the panga and a pulmonia just to have stitches removed, I did it.

All that by 2:00 PM today.  Once I get my garden watered and have a quick lunch, we are off to a very unexpected appointment in Mazatlan this afternoon.  Stay tuned on how that turns out.



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4 Responses to “Que Pasa”

  1. Kelly says:

    I always get a kick out of your girls ….lounging on the beach..they do not seem scared of the horses.
    Road trip sounds interesting….

    • contessa says:

      Kelly……no they are scared of the horses at all. Caeli does like to bark at them though.

      Larry…..gracias!! I really do love this place.

      George…..i promise to share the details soon.

  2. Larry Vanstone says:

    Contessa, you are certainly the park’s

  3. A long road trip sounds interesting.

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