Jan 27, 2014

Symphonic Sunday

Today I am in love with Mazatlan.  Such a cosmopolitan city with such a magnificent selection of cultural events.  Several weeks ago we purchased tickets to  attend a Viva Vivaldi concierto at the Teatro Angela Peratla in Mazatlan.  If you are readers of my blog you know that we have attended these mini symphonies over the past two years put on by Maestro Gordon Campbell and Cultura Mazatlan. So yesterday, Sunday, Colin and myself and Lynne and suddenly joined by Hugh, Marjorie and Bob set out to enjoy an early afternoon symphony.

What a wonderful change from last season.....seats in the orchestra and two levels up were full and the top tier had a good many seats full.

The concert was outstanding, featuring not only wonderful soloists but a fabulous 80 member choir and a talented selection of musicians.

The music spoke to the audience.

Standing ovation after standing ovation.

The final encore of the Hallelujah Chorus was the most rousing I have heard.  This is a 2 minute video but you do get the effect in the first 40 seconds.


After the concert we were able to give Gordon Campbell our congratulations along with dozens of others. It seems that Gordoen has even grandeur plans for next season including an 11 year old diva who has already performed at Carnegie Hall. Be still my beating heart!

I haven't been to a symphony yet where I haven't met a blog reader. Hola to Hannelore and Peter from Kamloops. Of course Lynne who RVed here from Chicago and Hugh who flew here from Vancouver, B.C were with us also.

After the symphony we went across to show Lynne and Hugh the Jonathon Boutique Hotel.

It has a unique roof top bar that was not open Sunday afternoon but has some interesting views in the evening.

Teatro Angela Peralta from the roof of the Jonathon Hotel.

From there we walked through the Plazuela Machado to the museum. The Museo Casa Machado was created to preserve the historical memory of Mazatlan.

Just to make things easier and clearer I took the above from http://www.mazatlantoday.net/museo_casa_machado_mazatlan.html

How the building looked way back then.

A recreation of the dining room looking through to the sitting room.

Definitely a high end nursery for the era.

The museum also has a lovely outdoor patio overlooking the Plazuela Machado. Just below this patios is the Casa Canobbio restaurant, which opened just a few years ago. It has become one of our favorites in the Plazuela.

Casa Canobbio, an authentic Italian restaurant located at an authentic 19th century Italian address in the Plaza Machado has quietly opened for your dining pleasure. In 1880 an Italian Pharmacy located in this Machado storefront offered a “fountain of youth” tonic by its Italian proprietor and Mexican wife. The new owner, Gaston Espino, is also hoping to instill a feeling of youth for his patrons while they consume creations from the kitchen and recreate the family tradition with ambiance and classic Italian food. Casa Canobbio contains classic designs in the dining, bar, and patio areas, and the modern kitchen is equipped with a brick oven for in-house baking.  This information was provided via the Mazatlan Messenger.

I took this photo from a photo in the museum. This is Angela Peralta for whom the theatre was named.

The Plazuela Machado from the upper balcony of Casa Machado.

After a lovely meal at yet another restaurant in the Plazuela, we decided to return to the Isla.  We did have some girls who required our attention and we had been away a very long while.

Just enjoying some of the Mazatlan scenery on the way home.


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  1. Looks like you really enjoyed the day in town again.

    • contessa says:

      George….it is so great to be able to actually do things this year now that I can walk.

      Peter…it really is a wonderdful place. So much to see and do if you choose or you can just enjoy the beach.

  2. Peter says:

    Mazatlan sure is a pretty place. Very much looking forward to soending a winter there. Thanks for sharing.

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