Jan 24, 2014

Dinner at Miguel’s

The beach front restaurants on Isla de la Piedra/Stone Island close between 5 and 6 PM.  They are open first thing in the morning for breakfast, lunch, drinks and an early dinner.  The few of us who live on the Isla know that we have to be make specific arrangements if we want a late dinner and most of the restaurants are accommodating but really they are open for the tourists who come to the Isla for the day.  If you remember when we first got here there was a new place, Restaurant Internacional, that was open from noon until 9PM.  We enjoyed it the few times we went but there were not enough customers and it is no longer in operation.  I feel for the two young fellows that tried so hard to make a go of it.  Perhaps is was the location, perhaps it was the menu.  I really don’t know.

There is a long time favorite place here on the Isla that caters to the locals.  It really doesn’t get hopping till after 9PM.  So we decided to catch the sunset first.

Actually we first watched Val and John try to realign their Shaw Dish. While cleaning his RV the other day John just ever so slightly nudged the dish and now they are missing a few favorite channels. No luck tonight but there is always manana.

It took a while but finally we saw some color in the sky. One of my pet peeves are folks who wait until the sun sets behind a hill or drops behind the horizon or into the water and then simply turn around and leave. Often the best conditions are many minutes later and they miss it all.

We drove off to Miguel's about 6 PM, early by Isla standards. We really could have and should have walked, it is less than a mile away.

There is not much to the place, a few plastic tables and chairs, some wooden benches and no menus.

You order from the painted signs and then they will pretty much make anything you ask. Those two pink signs in front of the counter are advertising a special today, tacos made of beef head parts. The food is great here but we passed on those particular tacos.

You are welcome to bring your own beverages, most brought cerveza but I brought vino blanco.

The food was very good and the price was right. For instance, 3 shrimp tacos for 60 pesos or 2 shrimp and cheese burritos with fries for 90 pesos. From the left, Colin, John and Val, Lynne from Winnie Views, and Hugh our friend from Canada.

Be sure to put Miguel’s on your to do list when you visit the Isla.  From the beach it is behind Carmelita’s and just across the paved road.  Umm, we only have the one paved road here on the Isla.


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  1. val love says:

    great photo and fun night with good friend xxxx

  2. I do remember us going there when we were on the Isla, very good and reasonable.

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